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Bear 540 Variable Frequency Drive – 540 HP / 400 kW

Variable Frequency Drive - Bear

Bear 540 Variable Frequency Drive – 540 HP / 400 kW

Compared with traditional variable speed drives, the Bear 540 VFD series water pump dedicated variable frequency drive is more efficient and easier to install and operate. In addition, IP65 and IP20 protection level, built-in pump control and protection function into VFD, no need for extra relay, PLC, Easy wire connection, decrease troubleshooting, save raw material, maintenance, and human cost. As a result, it is an ideal variable speed pump drive for new and retrofit applications.

The Bear 540 VFD  variable frequency drive can be used with any standard AC motor, IP65 protection rating Bear 540 VFD could install on the motor directly, no need for extra PLC, relay, contactors, and control box. The built-in application software makes it the most convenient driver for debugging, programming and operation.

The professional control and protection function for the pump and motor, the soft start and stop, incredibly improve the service life of the pump, motor, and pipe. All these features make this compact and easy-to-use drive reliable and energy-saving up to 70%, suitable for almost any application.

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  • Efficient Transformation
  • Efficient Configuration
  • Efficient Energy Use
  • Economy
  • Easy to debug and operate
  • Easy to install

Variable Frequency Drive Technical Specs


Bear 540 VFD                                     

 Horsepower 540 hp

Rated Data

 General tech. specifications


Power Factor


 Number of phases


 Control mode

V/F control, non-PG vector control (SVC) PG vector control (FVC)

Rated power (KW)




 Voltage range(V)


Sound pressure



Frequency range (HZ)


Power loss(KW)


Rated input


Speed adjusting

 1:100(SVC) 1:1000(FVC)



 Power factor


Speed control

 ±0.5%(SVC) ±0. 02%(FVC)



 V/F control

Line, multiple point, square V/F curve

, V/F separation

Number of phases

  AC 3PH

 Start torque

 0.5Hz/100 %

 Rated power (KW)


 Torque boost

Automatic torque boost; manual torque boost 0.1~30%

 Voltage range(V)


 DC brake

Supports starting and stopping DC


 Frequency range (HZ)


 Traverse control

Traverse controls l function: multiple triangular pulse frequency control

Rated output


Fixed length

 Setting length control



 Power factor


 Timing control

 Setting time range:0~6500min

 Input & Output options:1AC 220V±15%,

3AC 220V±15 %, 3AC 380V±15%,

3AC 660V±10 %, 3AC 1140V±15 %


 120% rated current 60s, 150% rated current 3s


 Input terminals

1. 4 programmable digital inputs,

2. voltage input 0~10VDC or current input 0~20mA


 1.  4 relay outputs

2. 1 analog output: voltage output

0~10 VDC or current output 0~20mA


 Common DC bus: Common DC bus function: multiple inverters can use a common DC bus

 Operation command mode: Keypad control, Terminal control, Serial communication control

 Acceleration and deceleration mode: Line or S-curve, 4 types of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0~6500. 0 s

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