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Floating Platforms

Our floating work platforms offer a sturdy base to float pumps and other heavy equipment over open waters. Built with strength and durability in mind, these platforms will hold up even in the most rugged conditions. Floating platforms are perfect for our dredging or pump systems, which can be used for excavating gravel, sand, crushed ore, coal slurries, fly ash, wash fines, mud, and water/sewage treatment sludge.

  • Available in 12 standard floatation packages
  • Designed to support any submersible pump
  • Capable of floating weights up to nearly 4800 lbs.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Fully customizable to fit your project needs
Floating Platform

Our floating platforms are designed for floating industrial heavy-duty pumps for use in water removal, water supply, or solids removal applications. Our floating work platforms feature high-strength tubular steel, a urethane oven-baked powder coat finish, modular hi-density polyethylene foam filled floats, and stainless-steel fasteners and can be customized to fit your job specifications.

Floating Dredge Platform
Floating Dredge Platform

Floating Platform Specs

ModelMaximum Pump Wt.Dimensions (L x W)Height
FP-4-13132 lbs.4' x 1'6"13"
FP-4-14132 lbs.4' x 1'6"14"
FP-3-16281 lbs.3' x 4'4"16"
FP-7-25402 lbs.7' x 4'9"25"
FP-10-25664 lbs.10' x 4'9"25"
FP-10-44643 lbs.10' x 4'9"44"
FP-10-44-B745 lbs.10' x 4'9"44"
FP-12-772032 lbs.12' x 7'6"67"
FP-12-77-B2820 lbs.12' x 8'67"
FP-15-1183341 lbs.15' x 8'85"
FP-18-1184068 lbs.18' x 8'97"
FP-21-1234796 lbs.21' x 8'104"

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