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Industrial Dredges

Our Industrial Dredges are a step up from the mini dredge variety, featuring a sturdy A-Frame capable of mounting larger, more powerful slurry pumps to tackle your project. Our industrial dredges are built with performance in mind, as they excavate material faster than other styles of much larger dredges, yet are still maneuverable enough to prcoess hard to reach spots. Our dredge systems are designed to chew deep into the sediment layer, thereby pumping a larger amount of solids content for a more efficient workflow.

  • Systems are assembled with everything needed for a fully functional system
  • Fitted with agitator slurry pumps enabling them to handle abrasive solids and sludge
  • Remote controlled cable positioning system
  • Skid mounted onshore remote control panel with controls for automated or manual operation
  • We deliver to your job site and furnish a service technician for initial startup

Industrial Dredge Specs

Severe Duty ModelSolids SizeH.P.Discharge SizeExcavation Rate (cubic yards/hr)Shut-off HeadMax Volume
ID-53/4"53"2543'275 gpm
ID-101"104"4067'400 gpm
ID-201.5"204"7090'700 gpm
ID-20A1.5"204"7090'700 gpm
ID-301.5"304"80119'700 gpm
ID-30A1.5"304"80119'700 gpm
ID-502.5"506" & 8"17598'1800 gpm
ID-50A2.5"506" & 8"17598'1800 gpm
ID-752.5"756" & 8"225130'2100 gpm
ID-75A2.5"756" & 8"225130'2100 gpm

Reliable Underwater Excavation

Our industrial platform dredges feature powerful agitator slurry pumps that excavate material quicker than other, much larger dredges. Our platform dredges excavate deep within the center of your material, rather than skimming the top layer of sediment, which ensures efficient and continuous high solids pumping. Our dredging systems for sale can be used for excavating gravel, sand, crushed ore, coal slurries, fly ash, wash fines, mud, and water/sewage treatment sludge.

Looking For a Smaller Dredge?

If your smaller project requires a dredge with more maneuverability and less power, take a look at our line of mini dredges, perfect for homeowners.

Industrial Dredge Videos

Custom Pump Curve

A pump curve is a visual representation of a pumps ability to produce flow against a certain level of head. Using a pump curve that is accurate for your project will result in proper pump selection and efficiency, saving you time and money.

Pump curves are developed from empirical data gathered during testing of the pump at the manufacturer’s facility and provide the end-user with a graph of how the pump will operate over its capacity range. Our engineers base the curve on your material, fluid viscosity, distance to pump, target GPM, and other job-specific factors. This ensures the right pump is recommended for your application.

Get your custom pump curve…

Pump Curve

Industrial Dredge Advantages

  • Skid mounted onshore remote control panel
  • Low friction losses
  • Remote operation
  • Highly efficient
  • Can pump slurry and solids
Made in USA

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