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Mini Dredge

The mini dredge was developed as a cost-efficient alternative to larger, industrial dredge setups and primarily produced for waterfront property owners. This small, lightweight dredge is a compact, highly portable, gas-powered excavation system, designed to provide contractors and homeowners with the ability to remove or transfer unwanted material from aquatic sources with the ease and mobility of using a smaller unit.
  • Designed for applications up to 8,000 cubic yards
  • Production rates from 10-40 cubic yards per hour
  • Sediment removal for marinas, boat docks, canals, ponds, golf courses and waterfront property
  • Affordable alternative to dredging and large industrial pumps
  • Gas-powered motor for ease of mobility
  • User friendly operation
  • Multiple models available for a wide variety of applications

Mini Dredge Specs

Mini Dredge ModelSolids SizeH.P.Engine/MotorDischarge SizeExcavation Rate
(cubic yards/hr)
Spec Sheets
MD-753/8"0.75115v2"3-5Spec Sheet (PDF)
MD-135-B1.5"13.5Honda Gas3"10-30Spec Sheet (PDF)
MD-135-C1.5"13.5Honda Gas3"10-30Spec Sheet (PDF)
MD-1651.5"16.5Honda Gas4"15-40Spec Sheet (PDF)
MD-165-B1.5"16.5Honda Gas4"15-40Spec Sheet (PDF)
MD-165-C1.5"16.5Honda Gas4"15-40Spec Sheet (PDF)

Great For Homeowners

The Mini Dredge is an efficient alternative to types of larger dredging equipment such as large cutter dredges, ladder dredges, backhoes, excavators, and draglines. These excavation methods are costly, have limited reach, are not environmentally friendly. In most cases, these machines deposit the sediment adjacent to the shore only to have it washed right back with some rainfall. Our small dredges are specially designed for removing sand, silt, and all types of unwanted sludge that may present itself.

Our Mini dredges are very user-friendly and are shipped to you completely assembled, ready to pump. To get started, add gas & oil to the engines, fill the pump cases with water for priming, attach the suction and discharge hose quick connect couplings, and you are ready to begin dredging. No tools are necessary for the initial startup. We offer the mini dredge in several different models for a range of applications. If you have particular needs, we are more than willing to customize any hardware aspects to meet your goals. The Mini dredge is a high-head dredge pump, capable of discharging 500-900 feet depending on the model.

Need More Dredging Power?

The Mini Dredge excels at smaller jobs, but if your project requires a dredge with more power, take a look at our line of industrial dredges.

Mini Dredge Videos

Custom Pump Curve

A pump curve is a graphical representation of a pumps flowrate against a certain level of head. Using a pump curve that is accurate for your application will greatly help in selecting the correct pump, ultimately saving you time and money.

Pump curves are developed from data gathered during testing of the pumps performance at the manufacturer’s facility and provides the end-user with a graph of how the pump will operate over a set range. To build the pump curve, our engineers compile several variables including type of material, fluid viscosity, distance to pump, target GPM, and factors that are job-specific. This ensures the most efficient pump is recommended for your project.

Get your custom pump curve…

Mini Dredge Advantages

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Efficient at sediment removal
  • Affordable alternative to traditional dredging
  • User friendly operation
  • Great for ponds, canals and docks

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