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Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump is a pump that can be fully submerged in water. The motor is sealed airtight and is close-coupled to the body of the pump. A submersible pump pushes water to the surface by converting mechanical energy into kinetic energy, then into pressure energy. This is done by the water being pulled into the pump: first in the intake, where the rotation of the impeller pushes the water through the diffuser. From there, it goes to the surface.

  • Never needs to be primed
  • Can be fully submersed in fluid
  • No cavitation issues
  • Configuration options for both liquids and solids
  • Energy efficient by utilizing water pressure
  • Multiple models available for range of applications

Submersible Pump Models

Solids Handling Pumps

  • Designed for pumping moderate to heavy suspended solids including slurry, debris, and sewage
  • Pass up to 3″ solids
  • Available in corrosion resistant coatings
  • Can be utilized with any floating platform

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Dewatering Pumps

  • Able to transfer water with light suspended solids
  • Built for high volume or high head applications
  • Corrosion resistant coatings available
  • Customizable with float switch and control accessories
  • Can be utilized with any of our floating platforms

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Submersible Slurry Pumps

  • For industrial, mining, milling, power plant, water treatment, sewage, organic waste, or anywhere slurry solids can accumulate.
  • Designed for pumping stubborn and settled sediment & solids up to 2.5″
  • Can withstand long term wear and abrasion
  • For use on any of our floating platforms

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Corrosion Resistant Pumps

  • Specialty coatings for corrosion resistance
  • Minimizes abrasive wear
  • Increase lifetime of pump

Submersible Solids Handling Pump Specs

Recessed impeller style pumps for any solids pumping applications including slurry, sewage, debris, mud, sand.

Solids Handling ModelSolids SizeH.P.Discharge SizeWeight (lbs.)VoltagePhaseShut-off HeadMax Volume
SHP-1001.5"12" & 3"55115/230/4601 & 340'100 gpm
SHP-2001.5"22" & 3"74230/4601 & 343'160 gpm
SHP-3002"32" & 3"102230/460372'180 gpm
SHP-4502"4.53" & 4"117230/460357'300 gpm
SHP-450-B2"4.53" & 4"117220/380/415/500357'300 gpm
SHP-5002"52" & 3"150230/460382'265 gpm
SHP-6502"6.53" & 4"128230/460372'350 gpm
SHP-650-B2"6.53" & 4"128220/380/415/500372'350 gpm
SHP-7002"7.53" & 4"166230/460392'280 gpm
SHP-10002"103" & 4"166230/4603115'400 gpm
SHP-1000-B2"103" & 4"166220/380/415/5003115'400 gpm
SHG-100Grinder Pump11.25"50115/230/4601 & 346'55 gpm
SHG-300Grinder Pump32"135230/460370'105 gpm
SHG-400Grinder Pump42"142230/460396'120 gpm
SHG-750Chopper Pump7.53"409230/460345'450 gpm
SPL-3003"33"236230/460342'450 gpm
SPL-5003"53" & 4"259230/460362'600 gpm
SPL-7503"7.54"355230/460375'800 gpm
SPL-10003"104"366230/460387'900 gpm
SPL-15003"154" & 6"441230/4603100'1200 gpm
SPL-20003'204" & 6"454230/4603121'1300 gpm
SPL-30003'304" & 6"586230/4603138'1400 gpm
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Submersible Dewatering Pump Specs

Abrasion resistant pumps (3/4 – 45 hp) designed for dewatering mines, sumps, manholes, and construction sites. Can also be utilized as a water supply pump.

Dewatering Model H.P. Discharge Size Weight (lbs.) VoltagePhaseShut-off HeadMax Volume
DW-750.752"35115/230139'77 gpm
DW-10012"38115/230 & 230/4601 & 360'90 gpm
DW-1501.52"58115/230159'140 gpm
DW-150-B1.52"58220159'140 gpm
DW-150-C1.52"58230/460359'140 gpm
DW-150-D1.52"58220/380/415/500359'140 gpm
DW-20022" & 3"65115/230 & 230/4601 & 358'180 gpm
DW-250-HV2.52"80230/460350'300 gpm
DW-250-HH2.52"80230/460389'150 gpm
DW-30033"91230169'325 gpm
DW-300-B33"91220/380169'325 gpm
DW-4504.53"92230/460372'375 gpm
DW-450-B4.53"92220/380/415/500372'375 gpm
DW-450-C4.53"92230/4603108'225 gpm
DW-450-D4.53"92220/380/415/5003108'225 gpm
DW-50053"95230/460392'300 gpm
DW-500-B52"105230/4603175'200 gpm
DW-6506.53" & 4"107230/460378'500 gpm
DW-650-B6.53" & 4"107220/380/415/500378'500 gpm
DW-650-C6.53" & 4"107230/4603113'400 gpm
DW-650-D6.53" & 4"107220/380/415/5003113'400 gpm
DW-1000103" & 4"137230/4603135'650 gpm
DW-1000-B103" & 4"137220/380/415/5003135'650 gpm
DW-1000-C103" & 4"137230/4603160'500 gpm
DW-1000-D103" & 4"137220/380/415/5003160'500 gpm
DW-1500154" & 6"294230/4603115'1100 gpm
DW-1500-B154" & 6"294220/380/415/5003115'1100 gpm
DW-1500-C154" & 6"294230/4603210'300 gpm
DW-1500-D154" & 6"294220/380/415/5003210'300 gpm
DW-1500-HV154"220230/4603127'800 gpm
DW-1500-HH154"220230/4603200'600 gpm
DW-2000204" & 6"304230/4603130'1200 gpm
DW-2000-B204" & 6"304220/380/415/5003130'1200 gpm
DW-2000-C204" & 6"304230/4603295'400 gpm
DW-2000-D204" & 6"304220/380/415/5003295'400 gpm
DW-3000304" & 6"393230/4603138'1800 gpm
DW-3000-B304" & 6"393220/380/415/5003138'1800 gpm
DW-3000-C304" & 6"393230/4603390'500 gpm
DW-3000-D304" & 6"393220/380/415/5003390'500 gpm
DW-4500454" & 6"404230/4603180'1400 gpm
DW-4500-B454" & 6"404380/415/5003180'1400 gpm
DW-4500-C454" & 6"404230/4603455'600 gpm
DW-4500-D454" & 6"404380/415/5003455'600 gpm
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Submersible Agitator Slurry Pump Specs

Abrasion resistant pumps (3/4 – 45 hp) designed for dewatering mines, sumps, manholes, and construction sites. Can also be utilized as a water supply pump.

Medium Duty Models

Medium Duty ModelSolids SizeH.P.Discharge SizeWeight (lbs.)VoltagePhaseShut-off HeadMax Volume
PS-75-A/AJ3/8"0.752"33115143'58 gpm @ 5'
PS-750-A1.25"7.53"349230/460353'500 gpm @ 15'
PS-1000-A 60Hz.75"103" & 4"175230/460393'350 gpm @ 10'
PS-1000-A 50Hz.75"103" & 4"175220/380/415/500393'350 gpm @ 10'
PS-1500-A1.25"154"509230/460363'855 gpm @ 18'
PS-2000-A1.25"204"608230/460380'1160 gpm @ 10'
PS-3000-A1.25"304"861230/460398'1600 gpm @ 13'

Heavy Duty Models

Severe Duty ModelSolids SizeH.P.Discharge SizeWeight (lbs.)VoltagePhaseShut-off HeadMax Volume
P-5-A.75"53"360230/460348'270 gpm @ 22'
P-10-A1"104"496230/460367'450 gpm @ 24'
P-20-A/AJ1.5"204"1267460386'675 gpm @ 25'
P-30-A/AJ 60Hz1.5"304"17344603135'750 gpm @ 50'
P-30-A/AJ 50Hz1.5"304"17344603135'750 gpm @ 50'
P-50-A/AJ 60Hz2.5"506" & 8"2216460398'1850 gpm @ 35'
P-50-A/AJ 50Hz2.5"506" & 8"2216460398'1850 gpm @ 35'
P-75-A/AJ 60Hz2.5"756" & 8"25934603130'2120 gpm @ 70'
P-75-A/AJ 50Hz2.5"756" & 8"25934603130'2120 gpm @ 70'
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Custom Pump Curve

A pump curve is a graphical representation of a pumps flowrate against a certain level of head. Using a pump curve that is accurate for your application will greatly help in selecting the correct pump, ultimately saving you time and money.

Pump curves are developed from data gathered during testing of the pumps performance at the manufacturer’s facility and provides the end-user with a graph of how the pump will operate over a set range. To build the pump curve, our engineers compile several variables including type of material, fluid viscosity, distance to pump, target GPM, and factors that are job-specific. This ensures the most efficient pump is recommended for your project.

Get your custom pump curve…

Pump Curve

Submersible Pump Advantages

  • Configurable to pump liquids and solids
  • No cavitation issues
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • No priming needed
Made in USA

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