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Slurry Hose

The complete line of dredging, chemical, petroleum, food-grade, material handling and mining hoses, expansion joints, and connectors. Available with custom end configurations from built-in lined flanges to beaded ends. Products are available in a full range of tube compounds and gauges for added resistance to abrasion, heat, and corrosive conditions.

All diameters of slurry hose are sold in 10 meter (30 foot) sections. All hose orders include a free hardware kit for a quick-connect startup. Our hose is manufactured exclusively by our sister company, DAE Hose.

High-Quality Slurry Hose

Newly Engineered, Highly Abrasive Resistant, Inner Rubber Compound

DAEHose is the best slurry hose on the market and can handle highly abrasive slurry at pressures of up to 150 PSI.   The inner rubber liner consists of abrasion-resistant rubber with the highest quality. The outer cover is developed with aging resistance and corrosion-resistant material.

DAE slurry discharge hose excels in dredging applications and other pumping applications in mining, oil, chemical, wastewater, and other demanding industries.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile alternative to steel tubing
  • Flexible for high mobility dredging
  • Easy and reusable quick-fastening flange system
  • Absorbs vibration and helps prevents excess wear
  • Can be cut on-site for immediate use
  • No welding necessary
  • Available with variety of inner tube compounds to meet specific material handling needs.
  • Newly Engineered, Highly Resistant, Inner Rubber Compound
  • Capable of Handling High Solids
  • High Viscosity/Gravity Pumping
  • High Abrasives Pumping
  • Low pH & Chemical Pumping
  • Designed to Prevent and Reduce Clogs
  • Results in Longer Lifespan & Minimal Downtime
  • Includes Free Hardware For Quick Connection
  • Price Match or Beat Top Competitor Prices

Slurry Hose Specs

Please contact our sales team for product questions or if you need help selecting the best dredge or pump system for your application.

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