DAE Pumps Case Study - Successful Sewage Pumping Applications

Technical Case Study: DAE Pumps' Slurry Pumps in Successful Sewage Pumping Applications at a Large Wastewater Treatment Plant

This technical case study explores the implementation of DAE Pumps’ innovative slurry pumps in sewage pumping applications at a major wastewater treatment plant. The success story highlights the efficient handling of challenging substances like grit and sludge, showcasing the superiority of DAE Pumps’ submersible slurry pumps in enhancing wastewater processing operations.

Introduction: Wastewater treatment plants play a pivotal role in maintaining ecological equilibrium by processing sewage and facilitating the safe discharge of treated water. An essential aspect of these plants is sewage pumping, which involves transferring sewage laden with abrasive elements, grit, sludge, and other solids.  DAE Pumps, a leading manufacturer of submersible slurry pumps, provided a tailored solution to address the challenges associated with sewage pumping.

Customer Background: The wastewater treatment plant is a large-scale facility serving a densely populated urban area. The plant’s sewage pumping systems faced persistent issues related to pump clogging, abrasion damage, and reduced operational efficiency due to the abrasive nature of the sewage and the presence of grit and solid particles.


A large wastewater treatment plant grappled with several challenges within its sewage pumping systems, including:

  • Abrasion and Clogging: The presence of abrasive elements, grit, and sludge often caused clogging and accelerated wear-and-tear in traditional wastewater and sewage pumps.


  • Variable Flow Rates: Managing fluctuating sewage flow rates while maintaining consistent performance proved complex with conventional pumps.


  • Efficiency and Maintenance: Frequent clogging demanded excessive maintenance, leading to downtime, reduced operational efficiency, and increased costs.

  • Chemical Corrosion: The exposure to corrosive chemicals and gases in the wastewater led to the deterioration of pump components and materials, reducing the overall lifespan of the pumps and increasing the need for replacements and repairs.

DAE Pumps' Solution:

DAE Pumps’ Tailored Solution: DAE Pumps offered a customized solution that harnessed the capabilities of their submersible slurry pumps to address the wastewater treatment plant’s challenges:

  • Slurry Pump Expertise: DAE Pumps' slurry pumps are built with specialized materials to withstand abrasion and corrosion, extending their lifespan.

  • Grit and Sludge Handling: The pumps' design incorporated wider passages and enlarged impellers, efficiently handling grit, sludge, and solid particles without clogging.

  • Submersible Efficiency: The submersible configuration enabled seamless integration into wet wells, enhancing reliability while minimizing footprint.

  • Variable Speed Control: The pumps were equipped with variable frequency drives to optimize performance according to varying flow rates, enhancing overall efficiency.


DAE Pumps’ slurry pumps were strategically installed within the wastewater treatment plant’s pumping stations. The installation involved:

Results and Benefits:

DAE Pumps’ slurry pumps yielded remarkable results:

  • Optimized Performance: Variable speed control enabled the pumps to maintain consistent performance across varying sewage flow rates..


  • Operational Cost Savings: Reducing maintenance and repairs led to substantial cost savings for the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Enhanced Reliability: The specialized design of the pumps reduced wear and tear, resulting in extended pump life and minimized downtime due to maintenance.
  • Reduced Clogging: The pumps' efficient grit handling capability significantly reduced clogging incidents, maintaining consistent operational efficiency.

Conclusion: DAE Pumps’ slurry pumps emerged as a catalyst for success in sewage pumping at the large wastewater treatment plant. Their ability to handle abrasive substances, grit, sludge, and varying flow rates showcased their resilience and effectiveness in improving sewage processing operations. This case study underscores the significance of employing specialized solutions like DAE Pumps’ slurry pumps in wastewater treatment, emphasizing their role in enhancing efficiency, reliability, and overall operational excellence.


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