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The DAE Pumps line of HDPE pipe float and hose floats are made from lightweight, high-density materials, providing great flexibility along with excellent impact resistance, making them ideal for a variety of pumps and dredging applications. It is often necessary to keep your pipeline afloat for ease of maintenance and to protect the seafloor. Our pipe floats and hose floats fit snuggly to cables, hoses, and pipes, preventing slippage and misalignment.

HDPE floats are ideal replacements of older steel pontoons for several practical reasons. HDPE dredge floats outmatch steel pontoons by having a much lighter weight, making them cheaper and easier to produce, transport, and install. Additionally, HDPE pipe floats offer vastly improved corrosion over traditional steel pontoons, saving many hours of maintenance and replacements.

Pipeline Floats

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Pipe Floats | Hose Floats


  • High corrosion and UV resistance, resulting in longer product life
  • High impact strength, built to withstand rough seas and boat collisions
  • Lightweight material, offerring ease of transportation and installation.
  • High wear resistance to abrasion
  • Strategically placed bolt holes allowing for evenly placed, non-slip installation

Sizes Available:

Pipe float sizes are available to fit a pipelines up to 30 inches.
Hose float sizes available to fit a cable, hose, or line up to 6 inches.

Pipe Floats

Pipe Floats & Dredge Floats

Our pipe floats are designed to prevent slipping along the pipeline by utilizing compression points strategically placed throughout the float which adds friction to the pipeline ensuring no slippage. Sizes available range from 6 inches to 30 inches.
Cable Line Float

Cable & Hose Floats

Cable & Hose Floats can offer a perfect solution for keeping lengthy electric powered pump and dredge cables afloat and off the seafloor. These floats are highly optimized and designed specifically for fuel lines, hoses, and cables. Sizes available range from 2 inches to 6 inches.

Please contact our sales team for product questions or if you need help selecting the best dredge or pump system for your application.

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