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      DAE Pumps is a high-solids pump distributor of cutting-edge industrial pumps and dredge engineering solutions for the most challenging of pumping and dredging applications.

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      Solids-Handling Pumps

      We have a wide variety of solids-handling slurry and sludge pumps to fit your specific application. Browse our inventory of pumps or contact us for assistance selecting the most efficient pump for your job.


      Dredge Equipment

      Mount a solids-handling dredge on your excavator or deploy from a cable or crane. We have many standard models to fit your project specifications. We are experienced in many types of dredges including automated, electric and hydraulic straight suction.


      Solids-Handling Pumps

      All of our dredge pumps are constructed from high quality, heavy-duty materials and built with high-abrasion resistance to withstand the rough environments found when pumping large amounts of solids.

      Adaptable Dredging

      Multiple deployment options are available for all types of dredging and pumping applications including flooded suction and submersible. Dredge pumps can be mounted onto the boom of an excavator or deployed by cable for more maneuverability.

      Reliable, Low Maintenance

      Enjoy low downtime, high production rates, and less maintenance costs. Our pumps will perform reliably from water to high solid slurries.

      Need Slurry Hose?

      We can also provide top of the line, flexible, abrasive resistant slurry hose to match the specifications of your dredging project, contact us for more information.

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