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Centrifugal Pumps

Designed and Engineered Pumps

DAE Pumps is an OEM pump manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge industrial pumps and engineering solutions for a variety of pumping applications. We are dedicated to providing top of the line pumping solutions and dependable dredging equipment to customers around the world.

Dredging Equipment

All of our dredges and dredging equipment come equipped with high-powered slurry pumps designed for sediment removal and transfer. We offer a wide selection of dredges reliably constructed for the harsh, ever-changing demands of the dredging industry.




We have a wide variety of centrifugal and positive displacement style pumps to fit your specific application. Browse our inventory of pumps or contact us for assistance selecting the most efficient pump for your job.



High-capacity, solids handling dredge pumps with slurry agitators. These units are hydraulically powered and can be hung from a cable or pinned directly to an excavator.

Pump and Dredge Accessories

Dredge Accessories

Augment your project with our selection of pump and dredge accessories. We understand the importance of project production and stock a variety of unique dredges, dredge equipment, and parts.

High-Quality Slurry Hose

Newly Engineered, Highly Abrasive Resistant, Inner Rubber Compound

DAEHose is the best slurry hose on the market and can handle highly abrasive slurry at pressures of up to 150 PSI.   The inner rubber liner consists of abrasion-resistant rubber with the highest quality. The outer cover is developed with aging resistance and corrosion-resistant material.

DAE slurry discharge hose excels in dredging applications and other pumping applications in mining, oil, chemical, wastewater, and other demanding industries.

Custom Engineering Solutions

We can also provide custom engineering services to match the specifications of your project, contact us for more information.

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