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Pump Applications

Industrial Pump Applications

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas upstream, midstream and downstream applications all utilize different pumps in unique ways to tackle the challenges of the industry.


Pumps serve a vital role in the agricultural industry by transferring water to livestock and supplying irrigation to crops and small villages.

Paper & Pulp

Paper and pulp mills depend on multiple types of pumps to move caustic and abrasive chemicals to different processes during the manufacturing process.


The mining industry employs pumps for a myriad of applications including tailings reclamation or removal, slurry transfer, and mine dewatering processes.


Heavy duty solids handling pumps are typically used in dredge systems, allowing the operator to work without the fear of clogs or downtime to the operation.


From sewage transfer, wastewater treatment, to clean water purification systems, municipalities rely on the power of pumps to drive these complex systems.

Pump Manufacturing

Choose the Right Pump For the Job

With many different variables to consider, selecting the best pump for the job can often be challenging and can make the difference between success or failure. With features and construction designed to maximize dependability and performance, there is no job too big or small for our line of pumps.

Innovative Dredge Equipment

Our line of dredges covers a wide variety of applications ranging from residential waterfront cleanup to large-scale ocean excavation projects. Choose one of our standard models or we will work with you to create a custom semi-portable dredge, uniquely designed for your project needs.

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