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Pumping Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

Learn about the various pumping applications within the oil and gas sector and how DAE Pump can help solve challenges of the industry.
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Oil and Gas Industry

Pumps are necessary components of the oil and gas industry. Whether used during the upstream, midstream, or downstream phase, pumps give gas, oil, and other fluids enough energy to flow from one location to another. Centrifugal, oil, positive displacement, oil transfer, diaphragm, and petrochemical pumps are essential in delivering oil from the ground to a tanker, then to a refinery, and then on to storage.

Pumps play a role in many applications in the oil and gas sector. Pumps are used for methanol injection, glycol pumping, chemical processing, gas sweetening, and water disposal. Pumps offer an efficient solution for transporting chemicals. Each type of pump integrated into a refining system for a specific purpose and are crucial in transporting or purifying different fluids.
Oil and Gas Pump Applications

Oil & Gas Pumping Applications

Upstream Applications

  • Mud mixers
  • Drilling Mud Management
  • Wellbore cement mixers
  • Homogenization of water
  • Oil storage/BS&W
  • Desalting
  • Oil sands mixers
  • Natural gas (CO2 reduction)

Downstream Applications

  • Alkylation
  • Asphalt Cooling
  • Gasoline Blending
  • Coal Slurry Applications

Our Oil & Gas Pump Benefits

  • Provides an environmentally superior dredging method to meet strict water quality standards.
  • Very little turbidity or re-suspension of sediments at the suction head.
  • Capable of high production rates. Comparable to much larger conventional suction dredges.
  • Capable of passing large volumes of woody debris and other foreign material in sediments without clogging.
  • High slurry density minimizes the volume of effluent to be treated and disposed of upland deposition of sediments.
  • The capability of the technology to pump dense slurries long distances provides a pipeline alternative for transporting sediment to distant disposal sites.
  • Following solution of initial start-up problems, the prototype dredge proved capable of sustained reliable operation.
  • The discharge of sediment slurry into the water column resulted in low levels of turbidity and TSS, well within the limits of stringent water quality standards, without the use of a sediment containment curtain.

Looking For the Best Oil & Gas Industry Pumps?

Learn about the various pumps available within the oil and gas sector and how DAE Pump can help solve challenges of the industry.

Types of Oil & Gas Pumps

  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • Pulp Pumps
  • Process Pumps
  • Water Pumps

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