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Mobile Light Towers

DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers - LED Group

DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers are the industry’s highest-quality mobile light sources. SITE mobile light towers are easy to set up and provide over 150 hours of lighting, the longest runtime in the industry. These easy to operate and maintain light towers provide maximum power within a very small footprint. The powerful light sources illuminate more than 53,000 sq. ft. of area, providing ideal lighting for any activity. Rely on DAE Pumps light towers for lighting road and bridge construction, general job sites, mines, special events, sporting events, parking lots, refineries, military, police, and many other outdoor or indoor activities. 

The SITE light towers are available in diesel-powered LED or Metal Halide, and electric-powered LED lighting. Innovative and fully directional lens design maximizes the light coverage and reduces lighting waste. These high-quality mobile lighting towers provide an average of 20 lux of light solutions for turning dark areas into clear brilliantly lit conditions.

A robust canopy and solid metal mast construction protect the SITE mobile light towers against tough conditions. Additionally, the vertical mast design brings extra safety measures to the mobile lighting towers and reduces the setup time so you can light the area in just a couple of minutes. The fuel economy on the SITE light towers is over 60% more efficient than other lighting towers, allowing you to run necessary lighting longer and without losing the quality of light.

DAE Pumps SITE V4 Mobile Light Tower

SITE Diesel Light Towers

SITE diesel-powered light towers offer the best performance at high altitudes and in the most extreme environments; thanks to its 8kW engine. In addition, the extended fuel tank and the low consumption, allow longer run times between refueling. The canopy ensures maximum protection of internal parts. 

DAE Pumps SITE E3 Electric Mobile Light Tower

SITE Electric Light Towers

SITE electric-powered light towers operate reliably throughout the most demanding conditions found at construction sites, outdoor events, and temporarily public installations. Plug and Light technology plug into any power source – including auxiliary power, an electric generator, or directly from the grid – to provide hours of consistent, bright light throughout the light tower’s extended lifespan.



1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership than Competitors

    • Resale Value
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Compact Footprint
    • Save 400 Gallons Per Year with LED
DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers - LED Group

2. Engineered for Your Application

    • Unique Design with Rear Fines in Order to Improve Driver and LED Cooling
    • Unique Lens Having a Better Light Distribution
    • Super Silent: As Low As 63 dBA @ 23ft
DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers - LED Group

3. Solid Construction

    • Limit Ambient Temperature
    • High-Performance Class
    • Mast & Winch Stress Test: 1,000 Cycles
    • Extra Safety Features: Hydraulic Vertical Mast and Aluminum Casting LED Lamps
DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers - LED Group

4. Cost-Effective:

    • Lowest Fuel Consumption in the Market.Only 0.185 Gallons Per Hour
    • Compact Footprint Improves Fleet Efficiency on Transport and Installation
    • Spillage Free Frame Comes Standard
DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers - LED Group

5. High Uptime Serviceability

    • Easy Access Thanks to 2 Large Doors
    • 400 Hours Service Interval
    • 3 Year Warranty LED(Chip) and Drivers
    • Heavy-Duty LED Lamps IP 67: 30,000 Hrs Life Expectancy
DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers - LED Group

6. Leader in LED Chips and LED Optics

    • LED Directional Optics are Made of Glass Offering Correct Light Distribution
    • LED Lamps Have a High CRI (Color Rendering Index Score. They Represent Colors Better Than Standard Metal Halide Lamps
    • LED Lamps Have an Aluminum Casting Which Provides Heavy-Duty Protection and Robustness Under Intense Use
DAE Pumps SITE Mobile Light Towers - LED Group
DAE Pumps SITE V5 Mobile Light Tower

Need Help Selecting A Mobile Light Tower?

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Applications of Light Towers

Mobile and fixed industrial lighting towers are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Road work
  • Bridge Construction
  • General Job Sites
  • Mining Operations
  • Concrete Pours
  • Municipalities
  • Site Preps
  • Parking Lots
  • Contractors 
  • Builders
  • Governments
  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Emergency Services
  • Special Events
  • Oil Exploration 
  • Refineries
  • Military / Police / Firefighters
  • Organizers
  • And Much More

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Mobile Light Towers  FAQs

What is a mobile light tower?

A mobile light tower, also known as a mobile lighting tower, is a versatile and portable lighting solution designed to illuminate large outdoor areas efficiently. These towers are commonly used in construction sites, events, roadworks, and other outdoor applications where reliable illumination is essential.

What distinguishes the City Silent Light Tower from other mobile light towers?

The City Silent Light Tower is a unique mobile lighting tower designed for urban environments where noise pollution is a concern. Unlike traditional light towers, the City Silent Light Tower operates quietly, making it ideal for use in residential areas, parks, and city centers without disturbing nearby residents or workers.

What are the key features of mobile light towers?

Mobile light towers are equipped with a range of features to provide efficient and reliable lighting in various outdoor settings. These features may include high-intensity lamps for maximum illumination, telescopic masts for adjustable height, durable construction for rugged environments, and easy-to-use controls for convenient operation.

How do mobile light towers contribute to safety and productivity on job sites?

Mobile light towers play a crucial role in enhancing safety and productivity on job sites by providing bright and uniform illumination over a wide area. This helps improve visibility for workers, reduce the risk of accidents, and allows work to continue after daylight hours, extending productivity and project timelines.

What industries commonly use mobile light towers?

Mobile light towers are used across various industries that require outdoor lighting for operations or events. These industries include construction, mining, oil and gas, utilities, infrastructure maintenance, event management, and emergency services. Mobile light towers are essential for providing temporary lighting in remote or temporary locations where access to electricity may be limited.

What advantages does an electric light tower offer compared to diesel-powered models?

Electric light towers offer several advantages over diesel-powered models, including reduced emissions, quieter operation, and lower operating costs. By using electricity as a power source, electric light towers produce fewer emissions and noise, making them more environmentally friendly and suitable for use in sensitive areas or indoor environments. Additionally, electric light towers typically have lower fuel and maintenance costs, resulting in long-term savings for users.