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Vane Pumps

Vane pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that uses blades, know as vanes, that slide in and out of rotor slots to move fluids. The action creates a suction that pumps fluids. The rotor sits close to the wall of the cam, creating a crescent-shaped cavity on the other side. The blades on the vane pump, which are always in contact with the cam wall, turn with the rotor. As the rotor spins, the vanes slide out when they reach the cavity, trapping fluid. As the vanes reach the end of the open space, they slide back in, and the trapped fluid than to the outlet or discharge valve.

DAE Pumps vane pumps combine low cost with high reliability, easy maintenance, and the best suction. Our vane pumps are the finest at processing low viscosity liquids such as solvents, gasoline, LP gas (propane), ammonia, alcohol, fuel oils, and refrigerants. They can also handle moderate viscosity liquids and comes in a variety of metal for these specific applications. DAE Pumps vane pumps are capable of up to 200,000 SSU and at temperatures between -25°F to 500°F.

Lobe Pump Applications
Mirasol Rotary Vane Pumps

Mirasol Vane Pumps

The DAE Pumps Mirasol vane pumps are the industries most reliable vane pumps for high volume transferring of non-corrosive liquids. Mirasol vane pumps process a variety of liquids ranging in viscosity from thick molasses to thin solvents. The heavy-duty Mirasol pumps provide trouble-free operation with very little maintenance. Our wear-resistant pumps are capable of pumping fluids of up to 200,000 SSU and can reach a maximum capacity of 2,220 GPM at 350 RPM.

At DAE Pumps, we pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our pumps by providing complete solutions for all your liquid and slurry pumping needs. We offer slurry hoses for transferring materials, flow meters, hydraulic power units, and other accessories. All our parts are always in stock and available for immediate shipping to anywhere in the US and the world. Get the right pump size and power for the job. Let us help you select the perfect pump for your next projects.

There are many types of positive displacement pumps that work best for a variety of different applications and uses. DAE Pumps provides multiple types and sizes of PD pumps. In addition to the industry’s best vane pumps, we also sell affordable gear pumpslobe pumps, screw pumps, piston pumps, plunger pumps, and diaphragm pumps. Check out all our positive displacement pumps.

DAE Pumps also manufactures a variety of centrifugal pumps: submersible slurry pumps, self-priming pumps, flooded suction pumps, and heavy-duty dredge pumps. Contact a DAE Pumps support member to help you find the best pump for you.

Vane Pumps Diagram

Vane Pump Diagram

Rotary Vane Pump Applications

DAE Pumps rotary vane pumps apply to a variety of application that includes the following and many others:

  • Aerosol and Propellants
  • Aviation Service – Fuel Transfer, Deicing
  • Auto Industry – Fuels, Lubes, Refrigeration Coolants
  • Bulk Transfer of LPG and NH3
  • LPG Cylinder Filling
  • Alcohols
  • Refrigeration – Freons, Ammonia
  • Solvents
  • Aqueous solutions

Advantages of DAE Pumps Vane Pumps

  • Unique vane pump design maintains consistent flow rates
  • Allows for an extended dry run and continuous operation with non-lubricating liquids
  • Sliding vane design provides sustained performance and trouble-free operation
  • Easy maintenance without removing the pump from the piping system
  • High suction lift abilities that exceed 25 feet
  • Handles solids with ease
  • Thick to thin fluid viscosities
  • Highly efficient requiring less horsepower than other pumps 

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