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Apex Filter Press Pump System

Apex Filter Press Pumps have successful operated on all sizes of Filter Press’s.

The Apex Pump is used in conjunction with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) which allows the pump to operate at high flows and low pressure to establish the initial formation of the filter cake, then progressively increase speed thus pressure.

The VFD controller is used in combination with a Apex Filter Press Pump to automatically increase the feed pump pressure continuously during the filter press filling cycle.

Should the pump run at a higher initial pressure, the filter cake will become a crammed coating of solids on the filter cloth. This will limit the flow of the slurry thereby creating a very dense coating of the filter cake. This will cause the cloths to plug and not allow additional filtration. Starting at a lower feed pressure and higher flow rates allows a penetrable layer of slurry media to be placed on the filter cloth. This primary layer of slurry media becomes the filtering media which will enhance the filterability of the incoming slurry.

The VFD pump control system automatically and progressively increases the feed pressure in continuously during the filling cycle. This can be are modified to suit the slurry and solids concentration. However, a typical system would begin a charge cycle at 25 PSI as the VFD receives a pressure signal from the system transducer the pump speed is progressively increased to a typical shut off pressure of 100 PSI (depending on the filter press manufacturer). Once the Filter Press reaches the final set pressure the pump will automatically shut off, automatically.

The Apex Filter Press Pump VFD can be fitted to any filter press existing or new.

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Apex Filter Press Pump System


Low NPSH Requirement

A vane moving through fluid produces a variable pressure distribution with a positive pressure (i.e., higher than the main pressure) on the advancing face of the vane and a negative pressure on the opposite side; the differential is dependent on the radial flow velocity and Disk velocity.  This pressure distribution is inherent in the vaned impeller.  Cavitation will occur in the area with the lowest static pressure.  In a vaned impeller, the lowest pressure is at the vane outlet, and more specifically on the retreating side of the vane.

Disk impellers have relatively low NPSHR characteristics. The APEX Impeller incorporates an integral axial flow inducer which improves the low NPSH capabilities even further.

The “APEX DISK PUMP” generates a tangentially uniform pressure field.  The only pressure gradient is positive everywhere.

High Efficiency with Viscous Liquids

Viscous liquids (500 SSU’s) have a very adverse affect on ‘the vaned’ impeller.  NPSH requirements, efficiency, and capacity are adversely affected.

The “APEX DISK PUMP” is free from the adverse effects of highly viscous fluids as proper disk spacing can compensate for any fluid viscosity.  The “APEX DISK PUMP” can be designed for fluids with virtually any viscosity and density.  Our analysis also shows disk spacing can pump liquids from water to fluids with a viscosity of 400,000 SSU’s. 

The flow can be marginally turbulent with thin liquids and laminar with the more viscous liquids.

Resistance to Abrasive Liquids

Abrasive liquids are slurries that contain particles in suspension that will abrade surfaces they come in contact with. The rate of abrasion is a function of the type and concentration of the particles in suspension and relative velocity between the surface and the adjacent fluid layer.

The flow of fluid between two parallel disks is not a uniform velocity profile.  There is a relatively quiescent layer of fluid, called the boundary layer, adjacent to the disk walls.  The thickness of this layer is mainly determined by the Reynolds number of the flow.

The APEX rotating disk assembly does not subject the fluid to abrupt changes in direction or rapid acceleration thus maintaining the protective boundary layer.

Other Advantages

The “APEX DISK PUMP” produces a very uniform discharge pressure. The symmetrical disks eliminate pressure pulsations and the highly turbulent discharge produced by the vaned impeller.  The “APEX DISK PUMP” is extremely quiet for this reason.

APEX Disk Pumps Application

    DAE APEX Disk Pumps is used in conjuction with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) which allows the pump to operate at high flows and low pressue to establish the initial formation of the filter cake, then progressively increase the speed thus pressue and has other use at:
  • Chemical / Petrochemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Onshore and offshore oil productions
  • Wasterwater treatment and disposal
  • Pulp and paper manufacture
  • Food and beverage processing

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Apex Filter Press Pump System