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Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering pumps from DAE Pumps are the ultimate tools for dewatering. These versatile pumps are durable and compact. Made to go wherever you need them, they offer smaller, lighter designs for easy portability. DAE Pumps dewatering pumps are tested in the harshest work environments to cover multiple applications. The non-clogging pumps require minimal maintenance and allow for easy access to parts and consumables.

Designed to transfer and remove large quantities of water and material, DAE Pumps dewatering pumps can pump up to 9510 GPM and move solids up to 3.5-inches. We offer a variety of sizes and powers of submersible and surface pump. Our pumps are the preferred choice for all dewatering applications.

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DAE Pumps Dewatering Pumps
DAE Pumps Miramar Series Submersible Slurry Pumps

Submersible Pumps

DAE Pumps provide a large selection of submersible pumps for drainage and dewatering purposes. These reliable pumps are submerged in water for pumping from the bottom of ponds, wells, tanks, and other water areas for the purpose of moving water. We also supply heavy-duty submersible dewatering pumps capable of transporting sludge and slurry with large abrasive solids.

DAE Pumps Appalachian H430 Self-Priming Pump with Trailer

Self-Priming Surface Pumps

The surface pumps are centrifugal self-priming pumps set-up on land to draw water from water-filled areas to the pump then off to another location. The dewatering surface pumps are trailer mounted for easy portability. They are ideal for use across multiple industries and applications like construction and mine site dewatering, removing floodwater, and other municipal applications.

Uses of Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering pumps are useful in a variety of applications for moving and removing large quantities of water and material. Professionals in many industries look to our dewatering pumps to provide the support they need for everyday use and emergency situations. Mining, construction, and municipal industries dewater for cleaning, removing, and maintaining water levels.

The mining industry uses dewatering pumps for maintaining water levels in shafts and work areas when groundwater seeps in and fills these areas. This filling of low-lying areas is called a sump. The portable dewatering pump provides the needed support for open mining operations when rainwater also collects on the worksite. Operators easily move in the mobile surface pump to the flooded area for removing the rainwater.

Construction sites also see a similar application to mining when rainwater and groundwater collect. Mobile surface pumps are brought in to dewater. In addition, the construction industry often uses dewatering surface pumps for reducing the water table around a construction site. Well points are drilled around the site and installed with a pipe system connected to a pump that suctions away the groundwater allowing for a dry workplace. Similarly, submersible pumps are lowered into deep well points to pump water in lower areas.

The municipal industry also uses dewatering pumps after rainfall. In many cases, when areas of the city get flooded with rainwater, workers may bring in a submersible pump, or a mobile surface pump to remove the water. Ofter, dewatering pumps are proactively brought in prior to heavy rain to known trouble areas. These robust pumps can also be used as a bypass for broken water and sewer lines. 

 If you are interested in learning more about dewatering applications, visit our application page.

Oil & Gas

DAE Pumps Oil Tanker Ship Port TerminalPipelines used to transport crude oil or natural gas must be dewatered to guarantee the quality of the hydrocarbons and prevent the formation of hydrates and protect pipes from internal corrosion.
The ballasting process requires robust high performing pumps which, based on the needs, pumps seawater in and out of the shipyard tank during the loading and unloading of water vessels.


  • Ballasting
  • Pipeline hydrostatic test
  • Drilling
  • Pipeline flushing

Mines and Quarries

DAE Pumps Quarry MineFor dewatering applications in the mines post dredging, our pumps offer effective and efficient solutions due to their solids handling capability.


  • Dewatering
  • Water relaunching
  • Washplants
  • Silt and sludge removal


DAE Pumps DewateringMunicipal public service applications can vary from sewage bypass to wastewater treatment plants to water reclamation centers. When wastewater is being treated, our pumps handle the fluids and solids without clogging or failing.


  • Sewage bypass
  • Dewatering
  • Emergency water treatment


Flooded ExcavationOn the Construction site, during casting of foundation,
it becomes critical to avoid water infiltration. Our
pumps have you covered.


  • Site Drainage
  • Jetting


DAE Pumps Dewatering Pumps

The effluent produced by different industries should be treated, relaunched, or drained. With the availability of different materials for our wet ends, we offer a complete solution.


  • Effluent handling and transporting
  • Waste drainage and disposals
  • Temporary firefighting protection

Civil Works

DAE Pumps DewateringModern-day civil engineering projects are fast-paced. Be it the construction of roads, dams, bridges, airports, or buildings, site dewatering, and drainage, before and during construction work is very important.


  • Sump water removal
  • Dewatering

Flood Control

River OverflowOur pumps, due to their high performance and portability, are effective to provide quick solutions in case of flood emergency


  • Emergency

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Dewatering Pumps FAQs

What is a dewatering pump?

A dewatering pump is a specialized pump designed to remove water or other liquids from construction sites, mines, tunnels, and other areas prone to flooding or water accumulation. These pumps are essential for maintaining dry conditions and preventing water damage to infrastructure and equipment.

What distinguishes a submersible dewatering pump from other types of dewatering pumps?

A submersible dewatering pump is designed to operate submerged in water, allowing it to pump water more efficiently from deep or confined spaces. These pumps are often used in applications where traditional dewatering pumps may not be suitable due to space constraints or accessibility issues.

What are the key features of submersible dewatering pumps?

Submersible dewatering pumps are equipped with features to ensure reliable and efficient operation in challenging environments. These features may include durable construction for resistance to corrosion and abrasion, high-performance impellers for maximum pumping efficiency, built-in thermal protection to prevent overheating, and automatic float switches for pump control in dewatering tanks or sumps.

What is a dewatering tank, and how is it used with dewatering pumps?

A dewatering tank is a containment structure used to collect and temporarily store water or other liquids pumped by dewatering pumps. These tanks are often equipped with inlet and outlet ports for connecting dewatering pumps and discharge hoses, allowing water to be efficiently removed from the site. Dewatering tanks play a crucial role in managing water levels and preventing flooding during construction, excavation, or mining activities.

How do dewatering pumping systems contribute to construction and mining operations?

Dewatering pumping systems play a vital role in construction and mining operations by effectively removing excess water from excavation sites, tunnels, and underground workings. By maintaining dry conditions, these pumping systems enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency, allowing construction and mining activities to proceed without delays or disruptions due to water accumulation.

What factors should be considered when selecting a dewatering pump?

When selecting a dewatering pump, several factors should be considered, including the flow rate and head requirements, the type of fluid being pumped (e.g., water, slurry, or abrasive liquids), the operating conditions (such as depth of submersion and ambient temperature), and the site-specific constraints or challenges. Additionally, factors such as pump reliability, ease of maintenance, and compatibility with existing infrastructure should also be taken into account to ensure optimal performance and longevity.