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Variable Frequency Drive | VFD

Compared with traditional variable speed drives, the Bear PD ES series water pump dedicated variable frequency drive is more efficient and easier to install and operate. In addition, IP65 and IP20 protection level, built-in pump control and protection function into VFD, no need for extra relay, PLC, Easy wire connection, decrease troubleshooting, save raw material, maintenance, and human cost. As a result, it is an ideal variable speed pump drive for new and retrofit applications.

The Bear PD ES  variable frequency drive can be used with any standard AC motor, IP65 protection rating Bear PD ES could install on the motor directly, no need for extra PLC, relay, contactors, and control box. The built-in application software makes it the most convenient driver for debugging, programming and operation.

The professional control and protection function for the pump and motor, the soft start and stop, incredibly improve the service life of the pump, motor, and pipe. All these features make this compact and easy-to-use drive reliable and energy-saving up to 70%, suitable for almost any application.

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Bear Variable Frequency Drive


Model Rated input power (KW) Rated input current (A) Rated output power (KW) Rated output current (A) Power loss
Bear-55  55  102  55  99  1.1
Bear-75  75  142 75  137  1.5
Bear-110  110  195 110  189  2.2
Bear-315 315  536 315  527  6.3
Bear-400 400  670 400  653  8
Bear-560 560  970 560  950  11.2
Bear-630 630  1065 630  1026  12.6
Bear-800 800  1360 800  1314  16



Efficient Transformation

The Bear PD ES retrofitting of existing pumping stations means substantial energy savings, mainly when operating under partial loads, can be achieved. It can be efficiently transformed into any standard asynchronous pump motor suitable for variable speed drive operation.

Efficient Configuration

The modular design of Bear PD ES makes it fundamentally different from ordinary variable speed pump drives. You can efficiently configure almost any pump arrangement according to your needs. It can up to six pumps be combined.

Efficient Energy Use

Bear PD ES’s intelligent control system can precisely adapt to needs, so it will only use energy consumption on demand. No more, no less.


The cost saving is not only reflected in the energy-saving, which saves the customer’s use cost! The pump operation and monitoring protection logic is built into the Bear PD ES inverter so that it does not require additional relays or contactors; PLC can realize the function of controlling and protecting the water pump and motor; the operation is simple; no professional electrical engineer is required.

Easy to debug and operate

The new start menu makes every step of the Bear PD ES debugging operation flow clear at a glance; the LCD screen can display the parameters of the extended series on each page, Making parameter setting faster and more convenient.


Variable frequency drive

Technical Parameter

Variable Frequency Drive

Single pump operation

Soft start/stop function uses a frequency converter

Variable Frequency Drive

Multi pump operation (Cascade controller-relay)

Use a frequency converter (including additional advanced cards) to control up to 6 full-speed slave pumps

Variable Frequency Drive

Multi-pump operation

(Multi-pump communication by RS485) Use multiple inverters in combination (up to 6 pumps can be combined)