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Pump and Dredge Accessories

Enhance your pump or dredging operation with our selection of accessories and addons designed to allow more precision, protect the environment, and boost efficiency in many different applications. Let us help you find the ideal solution to streamline your process.

Dredge Configuration Options

  • Several Pump and Dredge Configurations
  • Fully Customizable Dredges
  • Powered by Electric, Diesel or Hydraulic
  • Varied Cutterhead Options
  • Remote operation
  • GPS Positioning and Dredging
  • Self-priming available
  • Little to No Turbidity
  • Global Shipping Options

High-Quality Slurry Hose

Newly Engineered, Highly Abrasive Resistant, Inner Rubber Compound

DAEHose is the best slurry hose on the market and can handle highly abrasive slurry at pressures of up to 150 PSI.   The inner rubber liner consists of abrasion-resistant rubber with the highest quality. The outer cover is developed with aging resistance and corrosion-resistant material.

DAE slurry discharge hose excels in dredging applications and other pumping applications in mining, oil, chemical, wastewater, and other demanding industries.

Pump and Dredging Accessories

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Pump Features

  • Capable of High Solids
  • High Viscosity/Gravity Pumping
  • High Abrasives Pumping
  • No Critical Tolerances
  • Non-clog Design
  • Minimal Downtime