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Diver Operated Dredge Pump

Our Diver Operated Dredge design is a submersible dredge system designed for precision pumping below the waterline. This system supports up to three divers simultaneously, dramatically increasing overall production rates. Our versatile diver dredge systems can be outfitted with an electric or hydraulic motor. Owing to the non-clog design, enjoy production rates of 75 to 300 cubic yards of material per hour with little to no downtime.

These units are fully submersible and are deployed underwater.

  • Handles solids up to 2.5-inch
  • Electric or hydraulic powered
  • Fully submersible
  • Up to 30% solids
  • Supports 300+ ft. of suction hose
  • Pump distances of 2000+ ft.

Low Turbidity

Our pumping equipment exhibits low turbidity, which helps keep the water clear of sediment, increasing the overall production rates for your dive team.

DAE Pumps Diver-Operated Dredging Pump

Add More Power With a Hydraulic Power Unit

You have the option to run a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to your diver operated dredge system which will ensure enough power is available when the pump is subjected to tougher situations. An HPU will provide enough power for the motor to the pump. Depending on your project, we can custom build hydraulic power units to match the exact specifications and power requirements of your job. Our HPUs can optionally be controlled wirelessly with a tablet for convenience and increased safety at the job site.

  • Engineered Design Support
  • Can be skid or fixed mounted
  • Powered by diesel or electric
  • Stress Tested
  • High-level Filtration
  • Hydraulic hose available

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