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Industrial Pumps and Dredge Equipment in Panama

DAE Pumps offers a variety of dredging equipment like dredges, hoses, floats, and flow meters in Panama and surrounding areas. Submersible, self-priming, and suction pumps are available for moving water and materials like sand, slurry, and sludge. We also supply additional equipment like hoses, floats, HPUs, lighting and more. Contact our local office today. Get a FREE quote!

DAE Pumps Excavator Mounted Dredge Pumps

Dredge Pumps

We are a dredging and pump manufacturer, distributor, and engineering company . DAE Pumps is dedicated to providing the most efficient pumping and dredging solutions to Panama’s businesses.

DAE Pumps Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Looking for submersible pumps in the Panama region? We supply industrial drainage, sludge, slurry, and sand pumps designed to move material fast, and save you time and money.

DAE Pumps Self-Priming Surface Pumps

Self-Priming Water Pumps

Our team of dedicated engineers have decades of experience handling the most complex pumping projects. Our self-priming water pumps are used in dewatering areas fast.

DAE Pumps HDPE Hose Floats


Allow us to help you match the most efficient pumps and dredge equipment with a variety of accessories Panama needs to complete projects. Generators, light towers, hoses, floats, and more.

DAE Pumps Panama

Designed and Engineered Pumps, DAE Pumps, is an OEM pump and dredge equipment manufacturer, distributor, and engineering company. When Panama, Colon, David, La Chorrera, Santiago, and Penonome businesses are in need of industrial pumps and dredge equipment, they come to us to provide reliable equipment and knowledgeable experts that understand their needs and help them complete their projects.

For over three decades, we have been innovating and bringing our Panama clients the most efficient, cost-effective pumps and dredging technologies the industry has to offer.

Industries we work with: Paper & Pulp, Mining, Dredging, Municipal, Water Treatment, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Food Service, and many more.

Dredging in Panama

Dredge pumps are robust equipment for moving material. In the Panama, Colon, David, La Chorrera, Santiago, and Penonome areas, dredging utilizes these high-powered pumps to transfer solids and liquids through a pipeline over a set distance and often involves working in sensitive or harsh conditions. Most lake, ponds, and stormwater systems will require dredging and sediment removal at some point during their lifespan to maintain sufficient storage capacity. Dredge pumps are abrasive-resistant, making them ideal for grinding through sediment, sludge, sand, slurry, and many other objects. As a top dredge manufacturer, DAE Pumps provides a variety of options in dredging.

Selecting the correct dredge system is critical for the success of a project. With decades of experience, DAE Pumps manufactures reliable dredge pumps that continuously transfer large solids with little mechanical downtime, and at affordable prices. The open impeller design and powerful suction of the DAE Pumps dredge pumps allow for easy passage of large solids. Thus, our dredge pumps lead the industry in durability and power. The hi-chrome body with a high Brinell hardness offers the ultimate wear protection. 

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Panama Stormwater Pumps

Stormwater pumps in Panama, Colon, David, La Chorrera, Santiago, and Penonome bring ready service to high-impacted areas. Dewatering pumps remove liquid fast for quick clean-up and regulation. Increased enforcement of stormwater ordinances at the municipal level has led to a surge in demand for specialized stormwater management service providers that have experience in compliance with local regulations and the design and function of every type of stormwater system.

The effects of heavy downpours and intense storms on our water quality can be dramatic. Impervious areas such as streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and rooftops prevent rainfall from soaking into the ground; instead, it runs off these surfaces to create runoff that contains various pollutants which end up in streams throughout Panama. Stormwater pumps help direct runoff to where it should go.

Panama Construction Site and Mining Pumps and Equipment

In Panama, constructions sites and mining locations often have low areas that flood. In order to prevent damage from occurring due to waterlogged conditions, industrial-grade sump pumps are essential for dewatering activities so workers can get back to work quickly when necessary!

During busy times like the rainy season, there is not always time to purchase this type of equipment so businesses should consider pumps and hoses when starting projects. Having a reliable pump that can remove water fast is essential to restarting the job fast so the project can be completed on time and on budget.


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