HAWK Vision RTK GPS Dredge System Real-Time Positioning

HAWK VISION RTK GPS Dredge System with Real-Time Positioning

RTK GPS Dredge Positioning System for Excavators. This system allows for precise dredging by any operator and reduces guesswork, maximising production. RTK GPS is used to calculate this.

hawk trk excavator dredge system

What is RTK GPS?

Real-time Kinematics or RTK GPS is a survey-grade precision GPS that gives dredge excavator operators the exact location of the bucket or hydraulic attachment underwater. A base station is used as a fixed point, which works in tandem with RTK GPS to provide the highest precision possible. The base station is like a True North that the unit can always calibrate to. This provides accuracy to less than an inch instead of feet, which is critical when a dredging project needs high precision.


All HAWK products are simple to install to your excavator to assist with a wide range of excavation, construction, and dredging projects.

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RTK GPS Dredge & Dig System

Our new RTK GPS system can be attached to a dredge pump, clamshell, or bucket, so you always know exactly where you’re dredging. This prevents over- or under-dredging, which is important for maintaining the stability of the area. It also helps you avoid damaging any underground utilities or other sensitive areas. For example, if you were to dig a hole without first checking for underground utilities, you could potentially damage or even break a water or gas line. 


  • DREDGEPACK/HYPACK compatible
  • Wireless physical base station or Internet-based connection
  • Rugged user interface tablet with locking machine mount
  • All-inclusive hardware
  • Rapid deployment from rugged Pelican cases
  • Solar Base Station. 110VAC or 12VDC battery with solar panel compatible base station included in kit


  • Marine Dredging from Land OR Barge
  • Mechanical OR Hydraulic Dredging
  • Dry Material Mass Excavation with Buckets
  • Clam Shell or Grab Dredge Compatible
hawk rtk gps dredge system

Ease of Operations

DREDGEPACK/HYPACK compatibility or use our custom software to manage the system. All units come with a rugged user interface tablet with a locking mount. Remote Support. 4G Cell WIFI enabled for remote support and diagnosis.

hawk excavator rtk gps dredge system

Excavator Sensors

All-inclusive hardware and sensors are designed to be rapidly deployed in the most rigorous of environments. Entire system transported in two Pelican HD cases. This is excavator and ground stations.

hawk excavator rtk gps dredge system

Base Control Station

The Solar Base Station provides fixed grounding point for the unit. 110VAC or 12VDC battery with solar panel compatible base station are included in the kit.

hawk excavator rtk gps dredge system

Hydraulic Dredging

Attach the RTK GPS Positioning system to your hydraulic or electric powered dredge pump to always know where the suction head is under the waterline.

hawk excavator rtk gps dredge system

Mechanical Dredging

Attach the RTK GPS Positioning system to your excavator’s bucket or other attachment to always know where the bucket is under the waterline.

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