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DUOPack 1500 Power Generator

DAE Pumps DUOPack Power Generators

DUOPack 1500 Power Generator

DAE Pumps DUOPack 1500 Power Generators are robust and portable generators that provide up to 1270 kW of electrical power. DUOPacks are 20-foot containerized generators equipped with two generators inside. DUOPacks can be transported to any location for providing the needed power for all your heavy-duty equipment. Their unique design makes the DUOPack 1500 perfect for applications that have variable power needs, whether that’s due to the time of day or the current usage requirements. Because you get two generators in one platform, you have the flexibility you need to run at 100% power load or manage low power loads in the most efficient way.  Every feature you need comes as standard on the DAE Pumps DUOPack Generator.

The DUOPack 1500 is enclosed in a sound-attenuated frame for low noise comfort and offers a full range of powers. Worksites with moving equipment and operations with multiple projects and locations use these essential tools daily. Reliable and durable, the DUOPack mobile power generators are tested and engineered for long-life performance. These industry-best power and backup generators cover all types of power needs from construction and mining sites, dredging, power plants, events, disaster areas, and critical segments.   The user-friendly design and easy-to-use DUOPack generators are why they are the preferred choice of on-site electrical generation.

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DUOPack 1500 Power Generator

DAE Pumps DUOPacks at Industrial Facility

DUOPack Generator Features:

• Integrated PMS with Touch screen
• Cold start (Batteries and block heater)
• Oil level maintainer
• Alternator protection system 2 and anti-condensation heaters
• AREP excitation and Digital AVR
• Single/double terminal board
• Cam Locks: 4rows of 5 x 600Amps
• EFT External fuel tank connection/AFT Automatic fuel transfer system AFT
• Integrated Spark Arrestor
• Tier4Final Emissions
• Fleetlink advanced

DAE Pumps DUOPacks at Power Plant

DUOPack Specifications:

Rated Frequency (Hz):                                         50                          60
Rated Power Factor:                                            0.8                         0.8
3 Phase Voltage (V):                                       400/230             480/270
Rated Standby Power (kVA/kW):        1447/1157      1588/1270
Rated Prime Power (kVA/kW):             1365/1092      1450/1160
Rated Current (A):                                              1970                    1746
Fuel Autonomy @75% (Hours):                      9                             8

Dual Volvo 16.12 liter, in-line 6 cylinder TWD1683GE engines

The DUOPack comes with dual 16 liter diesel engine’s that utilize dual-stage turbochargers and heavy-duty steel pistons to provide excellent power density. It features a proven combustion technology with high-pressure unit injectors, resulting in high fuel efficiency and low exhaust emission levels.

Efficient injection as well as robust engine design in combination with SCR technology (Selective Catalyst Reduction) contributes to low exhaust emission, excellent combustion and low fuel consumption.  A minimum of components are used and no downtime for regeneration or decreased service intervals. The dual Volvo engines No EGR also results in less heat rejection, leading to excellent power density and improved fuel economy.

You can run the DUOPack in single and dual engine mode depending upon your generation needs.


Power Generation Per Engine

DAE Pumps DUOPack Power Generators
DAE Pumps DUOPack 1500 Power Generator
DAE Pumps DUOPack 1500 Power Generator

Power Management Distribution

To tackle even bigger jobs, the DAE Pumps DUOPack 1500 Generator has two dedicated controllers, including touchscreen functionality, so you can easily parallel with other generators. You have the choice of island mode or PMS (Power Management System). Each generator can run in parallel with mains, peak shaving, mains power export/import, fixed power and AMF (Automatic Mains Failure).

    Quick-Release Camlocks

    6 Rows of 400Amps Camlocks with over current protection ensures express connectivity when needed.

      Single or Double-Bus Bar

      The DUOPack 1500 offers a single bus bar that is easily convertible into a double bus bar in case you need to power 2 completely different loads (even with different frequencies).


      DAE Pumps DUOPack 1500 power generator use alternators built for heavy-duty continuous application with marine winding protection. We use Leroy Somer alternators with AREP excitation systems for superior starting capabilities. The AREP system uses two independent auxiliary windings located in the main stator to send supply voltage to the AVR. 


      Warrantied to be free from defects with regard to material and workmanship for the period of eighteen (18) months from date of shipment from the factory, or twelve (12) months from date of initial startup,
      whichever occurs first, without limitation of running hours.

      Volvo Engine: Twenty four (24) months or a maximum of three thousand (3000) hours of operation whichever occurs first (with the first
      twelve (12) months at unlimited running hours).

      Leroy Somer Alternator: Warrantied to be free from defects with regard to material and workmanship for the period of twenty seven (27) months from date of shipment from the factory, or twenty four (24) months from date of initial startup or 10,000 hours, whichever occurs first.

      kWm = kiloWatt mechanical, net with fan*; kWe = kiloWatt electrical = kWm x Generator eff.; kVA = kiloVoltAmpere calculations based on a 0.8 power factor = kWe / 0.8; 1 kW = 1 hp x 1.36; 1 hp = 1 kW x 0.7355.

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      DUOPack 1500 Power Generator