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Horton 150 Mobile Generator – 120 kW / 150 kV / 361 Amps at 240 V / 30 Hours

DAE Pumps Horton 150 Mobile Diesel Generator

Horton 150 Mobile Generator – 120 kW / 150 kV / 361 Amps at 240 V / 30 Hours

The DAE Pumps Horton 150 mobile generators are the industry’s most robust generators. The Horton 150 mobile generators are essential tools for worksites with moving equipment and operations with multiple projects and locations, offering a full range of powers. These backup power generators range up to 120 kW / 150 kVA with 30 hours of continuous runtime. 

The DAE Pumps Horton mobile generators are the industry’s leading diesel generators for supplying uninterrupted power with exceptional performance for any electrical power need. Reliable and durable Horton 150 power generators are tested and engineered for long-life performance. These industry best mobile power generators cover all types of power needs from construction and mining sites, to power plants, events, and critical segments.

Horton 150 industrial power generators are packed with features that make operating, transporting, and maintaining as easy as possible. These generators consist of an alternator, diesel engine, cooling system, electrical distribution, and control systems – all enclosed within a sound attenuated enclosure fabricated from powder-coated galvanized steel. Take them wherever you need to go for mobile and portable access to power.

The Horton 150 is part of the Horton Series Generators which offer a variety of sizes, power, configurations, and more to match your needs.

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Horton 150 Mobile Generator


  • Double Runtime: Over 40 hours of fuel tank capacity provides longer runtime between fill ups and optimum site autonomy.
  • Corrosion Resistant Canopy: 1000-hour salt test.
  • Quick Power Stability: Reach stable power in less than 6-seconds.
  • Dual Stage Filtration: Dust separation system and heavy-duty filtration system prolongs the life of your generator.
  • Safe and Easy Movement: Adaptable to whatever your jobsite demand.
  • Easy Access and Service: Large doors provide easy access.
  • Integrated Door Sealing System: Provided watertight and soundproof seal.
  • Multi-Voltage Switch: Modify voltage output in seconds.
  • Easy-fill System: Exterior simple fill system for fuel and DEF.

Generator Specifications:

Rated Prime Power 3Ø –  120 kW / 150 kVA
Rated Standby Power 3Ø – 132 kW / 165 kVA

3- Phase
Amp Capacity @ 480V – 180 Amps
Amp Capacity @ 240V – 361 Amp
Amp Capacity @ 208V – 375 Amps
Amp Capacity @ 240V – 316 Amps
Amp Capacity @ 120V – 2 x 316Amps

Runtime – 30 Hours

Convenience Receptacles:
(2) NEMA 5-20R &
(3) 125/250V 50A CS6364

Power Distribution – Terminal Board 5 Wire

Diesel Engine

The Horton 150 Mobile Generator is a prime power, multi-voltage, sound attenuated, mobile generator. Powered by a John Deere T4 Final liquid-cooled, six-cylinder diesel engine with a 335-gallon fuel tank so you can work all week without having to fill up. John Deere’s reliable engine is specially designed for industrial applications and is used by companies around the world, keeping high uptime in their respective applications. 

The engine has the capability to start the generator at 14°F (-10°C) with standard glow-plug aid. A 1000W, 120V coolant heater is standard and allows machine starting for down to -13°F (-25°C).  This powerful engine operates on a 24V negative ground electrical system with a charging alternator and lockable battery cutoff switch. The cooling system is suitably designed for continuous operation in ambient conditions up to 120°F (49°C), with canopy door closed.

Horton Mobile Power Generator

Power Distribution

The main power is connected from the alternator through a 4-position voltage selector switch to the main power cubicle. The cubicle incorporates all power distribution, controls, sensing and protection devices.

  • 4-position Voltage Selector Switch(VSS)
  • Current transformer x 3 (1 each leg)
  • Single main breaker w/shunt trip
  • Individual breakers for each receptacle
  • Convenience receptacles located on outside of unit for easy access
  • Terminal board for hard wiring
  • Cam-Lock external quick connect (available as option)
  • External emergency stop switch (recessed)
  • Neutral bonded to Ground with a removable bonding link accessible in the control cubicle.


Horton 150 Receptacles


DAE Pumps Horton 150 power generators use alternators built for heavy-duty continuous application with marine winding protection. We use Leroy Somer alternators with AREP excitation systems for superior starting capabilities. The AREP system uses two independent auxiliary windings located in the main stator to send supply voltage to the AVR.

Control System

The Horton 150 control system uses a fully diagnostic DeepSea 7310 ECU controller with a large 3-inch display, that is intuitive and easy to operate with all functions conveniently at your fingertips. The controller manages the engine ECU operating system and several safety warnings and shutdowns on various parameters. 

Horton Controller
  • Complete user-friendly configuration and easy-to-use high-level system control & monitoring
  • Clear accurate power measurement information
  • Protects generator against overload
  • CAN & alternator speed sensing
  • 3-phase generator sensing
  • Large backlit display

Factory Options Available (extra)

  • Cold start kit (120V block heater, 0W40 synthetic motor oil)
  • Cam-Lock quick connections (5x400A)
  • LoJack (Stolen Vehicle Recovery System)
  • Telematics System (DSE Webnet System)
  • Qc 4003 controller with 7″ capacitive touch screen.
    • The Qc 4003 controller allows up to 32 generators to be coupled in parallel to fit the power requirement of any application.
    • The Qc 4003 supports serial communication protocols including Modbus (RS-485, USB, and TCP/IP)
      and Profibus allowing you to supervise and control your genset/plant remotely.
    • Rental companies will benefit from the standardized user interfaces. The controller has been designed
      with ease of operation in mind, and rental companies can easily set and lock parameters to ensure full
      protection of their equipment.

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Horton 150 Mobile Generator