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Noble-39 Industrial Power Generators – 26 kW / 26 kVA / 108 Amps at 240V / 24 Hours

Industrial Power Generators

Noble-39 Industrial Power Generators – 26 kW / 26 kVA / 108 Amps at 240V / 24 Hours

The DAE Pumps Noble-39 industrial power generators are the industry’s most robust generators. The Noble-39 generator is an essential tool for worksites with moving equipment and operations with multiple projects and locations, offering a full range of powers. These industrial power generators range up to 26 kW / 26 kVA and provide up to 24 hours of continuous runtime.

The DAE Pumps Noble-39 equipment power generator arise the industry’s leading electric power generator for supplying uninterrupted power with exceptional performance for any electrical power need. Reliable and durable Noble industrial power generators are tested and engineered for long-life performance. These industry-best industrial power generators cover all types of power needs from construction and mining sites, to power plants, events, and critical segments.

Noble industrial power generators are packed with features that make operating, transporting, and maintaining as easy as possible. These generators consist of an alternator, diesel engine, cooling system, electrical distribution, and control systems – all enclosed within a sound attenuated enclosure fabricated from powder-coated galvanized steel. Take them wherever you need to go for mobile and portable access to power.

The Noble series is available in a variety of powers and models: Noble 13, Noble 18, Noble 28, Noble 39.

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Noble-39 Industrial Power Generators


Speed governor: Mechanical governor
Excitation system: Self-excited
• Emergency stop switch
• ATS (automatic transfer switch) receptacle
• 12V sealed for life maintenance-free battery
• Lockable battery isolator switch
• Powder-coated canopy (Only for Soundproofed sets)
• 122°F radiator
• Steel base frame with fork holes
• Vibration isolators between the engine/alternator/base frame
• Dry-type air filter
• 12 hours base fuel tank for daily running
• Drain points for fuel tank
• Operation Manual / Specifications

Generator Specifications:

Rated Prime Power –  26 kW / 26 kVA
Rated Standby Power – 29 kW / 29 kVA

Runtime – 24 hours

Diesel Engine

Powered by your needs

  • The 404D-22TG ElectropaK is a new addition to the 400D range of ElectropaK and is a powerful but quiet 2.2 liter turbocharged
  • 4-cylinder compact package
  • Electronically governed and switchable 1500/1800 rpm

    Compact, Clean, Efficient Power

    • Design features on the 404D-22TG ElectropaK ensures clean, rapid starting in all conditions while delivering impressive performance with low operating costs in small, efficient package size.

    Lower Operating Costs

    • Approved for operation on biodiesel* concentrations of up to 20%
    • Oil and filter changes are 500 hours, dependent on load factor.
    • Engine durability and reliability, the warranty offered, and ease of installation combine to drive down the cost of ownership

    Cost-Effective Power

    • Compact size and low noise
    • Lower fuel consumption and oil use
    • 500 hours service intervals
    • Two-year warranty

    Power Distribution

    The main power is connected from the alternator through a 3-position voltage selector switch to the main power cubicle. The cubicle incorporates all power distribution, controls, sensing, and protection devices.


    DAE Pumps NOBLE-39 power generators use alternators built for heavy-duty continuous application with marine winding protection. We use Leroy Somer alternators with AREP excitation systems for superior starting capabilities. The AREP system uses two independent auxiliary windings located in the main stator to send supply voltage to the AVR.

    Control System

    NOBLE-39 control system is a fully diagnostic ECU controller with a large 3-inch display, that is intuitive and easy to operate with all functions conveniently at your fingertips. The controller manages the engine ECU operating system and several safety warnings and shutdowns on various parameters. The controller is powered by a main On/Off switch located next to the unit.

    Industrial Power Generators
    • Large back-lit icon LCD.
    • 3-phase generator sensing.
    • 3-phase generator and mains (utility) sensing.
    • 600 V ph-ph nominal system compatibility.
    • Generator & load power monitoring (kW, kV A, kV Ar, pf).
    • Generator overload protection (kW).
    • Configurable inputs & outputs.
    • Fuel & crank outputs.
    • Magnetic pick-up speed sensing.
    • Battery voltage monitoring.
    • Configurable event log (50).
    • DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.
    • Engine speed protection, engine hours counter, engine pre-heat, engine run-time scheduler, engine idle

    Factory Options Available

    • Cam-Lok quick connections (5 x 400A)
    • LoJack® (Stolen Vehicle Recovery System)
    • Telematics system (DSE Webnet System)
    • Cold start kit (120V block heater, 0W40 synthetic engine oil)

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    Noble-39 Industrial Power Generators