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SITE D4 Mobile Metal Halide Light Tower

DAE Pumps SITE M4 Mobile Light Tower

SITE D4 Mobile Metal Halide Light Tower

DAE Pumps SITE D4 Mobile Light Towers are the industry’s highest-quality diesel-powered mobile metal halide light sources. SITE D4 mobile light towers are easy to set up and provide over 50 hours of continuous running lighting, the longest runtime in the industry. These easy to operate and maintain light towers provide maximum power within a very small footprint. The powerful SITE D4 light sources illuminate 43,055 sq. ft. of area, providing ideal lighting for any activity. Rely on DAE Pumps light towers for lighting road and bridge construction, general job sites, mines, special events, sporting events, parking lots, refineries, military, police, and many other outdoor or indoor activities. 

The SITE D4 light towers are diesel-powered LED lighting systems with an innovative and fully directional lens design that maximizes light coverage and reduces lighting waste. These high-quality mobile lighting towers provide an average of 20 lux of light solutions for turning dark areas into clear brilliantly lit conditions.

A robust canopy and solid metal mast construction protect the SITE D4 mobile light towers against tough conditions. Additionally, the vertical mast design brings extra safety measures to the mobile lighting towers and reduces the setup time so you can light the area in just a couple of minutes. The fuel economy on the SITE D4 light towers is over 60% more efficient than other lighting towers. This high efficient light tower uses 0.56 gal/h of fuel, allowing you to run necessary lighting longer and without losing the quality of light. 

The DAE Pumps SITE D4 is part of the SITE Mobile Light Tower Series that offers diesel and electric models with LED or metal halide lighting.

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Site D4 Mobile Light Tower


  • Illuminate 43,055 sq. ft. of area at 20 lux
  • 0.56 gal/h of fuel
  • Over 6,000 hours of metal halide bulb lifespan
  • Manual vertical mast for easy setup and added safety
  • Hard canopy for protection against extreme conditions
  • Reduced noise level
  • Fluid containment base frame 
  • Easy service access with wing style side doors


  • Lamps and Wattage:                  4 x 1,000W
  • Luminosity:                                     440,000 Lumens
  • Light Coverage @ 0.5 Footcandle:     35,000 Ft.
  • Mast Height:                                  24.7 Ft. 
  • Engine Model:                               Kubota Z482
  • Speed:                                               3600 RPM
  • Power:                                               8 kWm
  • Load Lever (Lights Only):       58%
  • Fuel Consumption (Lights Only):      0.56 GPH
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:                    28 Gallons 
  • Runtime Before Refueling:    50 Hours
  • Fuel System:                                   Pre Filter, Water Separator, Pump
  • AIR Cleaner:                                   Dual Stage with Safety Cartridge
  • Enclosure:                                        PE Double Layer & Spillage Free Frame
  • Mast Finishing:                              Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Spillage Free Frame:                   Yes
  • Serviceability:                                 Wide Wing Doors, 100% Access
  • Sound Rating @ 23 ft:                 73 dBA
  • Service Interval:                            200 Hours
  • Outlets:                                               120 VAC, 20A, GFCI duplex (NEMA 5-20R)
  • Units on Truck:                               16
  • Warranty:                                          2 Year Unlimited Hours/ Engine 2 Years 2,000 h
  • Dusk/Dawn Photocell + Controller: Optional
  • Electrical Winch:                           Optional
DAE Pumps Site M4 Mobile Light Tower

Applications of SITE D4 Light Towers

Mobile and fixed industrial lighting towers are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Road work
  • Bridge Construction
  • General Job Sites
  • Mining Operations
  • Concrete Pours
  • Municipalities
  • Site Preps
  • Parking Lots
  • Contractors 
  • Builders
  • Governments
  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Emergency Services
  • Special Events
  • Oil Exploration 
  • Refineries
  • Military / Police / Firefighters
  • Organizers
  • And Much More

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  • Measures the luminosity and can be activated by sunlight
  • Regulator: adjusts the luminosity sensitivity level of the photocell
  • Recommended value: 50 lux
    • <50 Lux: the floodlight switch on
    • >50 Lux: The floodlight switch off
  • Components
DAE Pumps SITE M4 Photocell


DAE Pumps SITE M4 Wench

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SITE D4 Mobile Light Tower 


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