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Booster Pumps

A booster pump is a pump station commonly used to lengthen the discharge line of a dredge system, allowing you to pump much longer distances. The overall length of the pipeline can be considerably increased with the addition of a single booster pump. Multiple booster pumps in a dredge or pumping system may allow for extremely long discharge line lengths, sometimes miles long. One indication that a booster pump may be needed is if production or flow rate has decreased after adding the additional pipeline to the discharge line.

  • Booster pumps available in 8″-24″ discharge
  • Single-stage or Multi-stage Setups Available
  • Can dramatically increase discharge distance
  • Horsepower ranges from 400-1500 hp
  • Methods of power include diesel, electric, direct drive electric, natural gas

10″ Booster Pump Specs

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH):154" x 47" x 74"
Dry Weight8400 lbs
Pump8 x 8 x 20 PF/HHSA, Right-hand 3 vane impeller, flush water style packing, hi-chrome wear parts
EngineCaterpillar C6.6 ACERT, Tier 3 emissions compliant. CANplus 620 digital engine controller, (2) group 31 battery 12V starting system
FuelDiesel, 90 gallon onboard tank
TransmissionZF 286 Marine Transmission, 1.96:1 gear ratio, hydraulic shifter, water cooled
CouplingHeavy Duty Dana-Spicer drive shaft

Custom Pump Curve

A pump curve is a graphical representation of a pumps flowrate against a certain level of head. Using a pump curve that is accurate for your application will greatly help in selecting the correct pump, ultimately saving you time and money.

Pump curves are developed from data gathered during testing of the pumps performance at the manufacturer’s facility and provides the end-user with a graph of how the pump will operate over a set range. To build the pump curve, our engineers compile several variables including type of material, fluid viscosity, distance to pump, target GPM, and factors that are job-specific. This ensures the most efficient pump is recommended for your project.

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