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Cambria Series Gear Pumps

cambria gear pumps

Cambria Series Gear Pumps

DAE Pumps Cambria Gear Pumps are designed for pumping light fuel oils such as diesel, kerosene, and biodiesel. It is also possible to pump vegetable oil, motor oil, and glycerol.  These oils have different benefits and drawbacks, making them more or less ideal for different situations.

It is a helical gear pump and a built-in by-pass valve for pumping clean viscous liquids not containing abrasive or solid particles.  This pump is ideal for many applications, including those requiring high flow rates or pressures. The pump’s unique design makes it possible to achieve a wide range of flow rates and pressures, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

DAE Pumps Cambria Gear Pumps’ gear oil pumps are suitable for transporting various oils such as petroleum, diesel, and lubricant. When using copper gears, the pumps can converfluids with low flash points such as gasoline and benzene at temperatures below 70℃. They are widely used in oil reservoirs, piers, ships, mining sites, factories, and farms. The Cambria series gear oil pumps are mainly used for transporting viscous lubricants for mechanical equipment. The pumps can pump cooking oils or beverages when equipped with stainless steel gears.

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  • Economical, durable, and reliable
  • Seal chamber accepts packing and a variety of component and cartridge style mechanical and lip seals, in both single and double mechanical seal configurations
  • Threaded one-piece bearing housing allows for easy end clearance adjustment
  • One-piece cast bracket with the seal between bearings provides a rigid foundation to maximize seal and bearing life
  • Large diameter threaded bearing housing allows easy removal of cartridge seals
  • Huge range of sizes selection
  • Cast iron, ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel options
DAE Pumps Tulare Gear Pumps


Model Caliber Discharge (L/min) Pressure (Mpa) Distance (m) Efficiency (%) Power (Kw) Speed (r/min)
Cambria – 200 2″ 200 0.6 5 >85 5.5 1500
Cambria – 300 3″ 300 0.36 5 >85 5.5 1000
Cambria – 483.3 3″ 483.3 0.36 5 >85 7.5 1450
Cambria – 663 4″ 663 0.28 5 >85 11 960
Cambria – 960 4″ 960 0.3 5 >85 18.5 1500
Cambria – 1667 6″ 1667 0.3 5 >85 30 750
Cambria – 2000 6″ 2000 0.3 5 >85 30 750
Cambria – 2500 6″ 2500 0.3 5 >85 55 750
Lobe Pump Applications

Cambria Gear Pump Usage

  • The pump can transport various oil, such as crude oil, diesel oil, and lubricating oil;
  • The pump with a bronze impeller can transport liquid with low flash points such as gasoline and benzene. etc.;
  • Pump with stainless steel can transport beverage and corrosive liquid.
  • The temperature of medium can not be higher than 70 degrees Celsiuhigh-temperature
  • anti high temperature gear oil pump can transport the liquids with no more than 300 degrees celsius and viscosity of 5*10-5—1.5*10-3m2/s.
  • The pump is not suitable for hard solid or fibre.


DAE Pumps Cambria gear pumps outperform others with a non-clogging performance, ease of maintenance, and superior quality parts. Because of the close tolerance between the gears and casing, most gear pumps are susceptible to wear, but not the Tulare. They are one of the most common pumps for pumping corrosive liquids, and the Tulare gear pumps provide consistency in moving various slurry materials. These robust pumps are suitable for a variety of applications that, includes the following and many others:

Food Industry
Liquid sugar
Corn Syrup
Brewer’s Yeast
Liquid Margarine
Vegetable Oils
Fish Solubles
Hot Oils

Ethyl Acetate

Heat Transfer
Cutting Oils
Anhydrous Ammonia
Foam Systems
Bonding Agents

Aviation Fuel
Hydraulic Fluid

Cambria Metal Types

Cast Iron: Inexpensive cost for best resistance to galling, cast iron is used for most non-corrosive applications.

Ductile Iron: Alternative to steel for refinery and petrochemical applications, used on some rotors for higher viscosity.

Steel: Highly used in refinery and petrochemical applications. The rotor can be made of steel for the highest viscosities. Steel is also an excellent metal for extremely high temperatures.

Stainless Steel: For corrosion resistance over a wider pH range.

Alloy: Austenitic stainless steel for sulfuric acid.


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