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Tulare Series Gear Pumps

DAE Pumps Tulare Gear Pumps

Tulare Series Gear Pumps

DAE Pumps Tulare Gear Pumps are the most robust industrial gear pumps on the market. No other gear pumps can match our performance and reliability. The Tulare gear pumps process a wide range of viscosities and is ideal for handling fluids at high pressures and low flow rates. These leading rotary gear pumps are widely used in chemical installations to pump high viscosity fluids and are commonly used for moving corrosive liquids. They can handle viscosities up to 2M SSU offering a flow rate of up to 1,600 GPM, and pressure to 200 PSI.

The Tulare gear pumps come in multiple configurations in metal designs for a variety of applications and a large selection of sizes at various capacities. The DAE Pumps gear pumps are available in port sizes ranging from .5-inches to 10-inches and are available in cast iron, ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel configurations.  Contact DAE Pumps to customize a pump to your specific needs.

The DAE Pumps Tulare series consists of a variety of models which includes Tulare  50, Tulare 75, Tulare 100, Tulare 153, Tulare 156, Tulare 215, Tulare 218, Tulare 220, Tulare 220, Tulare 223, Tulare 231, Tulare 250, Tulare 332, Tulare 345, Tulare, 468, Tulare 495, Tulare 611, Tulare 613, Tulare 825, and Tulare 1036.

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Tulare Series Gear Pumps


  • Economical, durable, and reliable
  • Seal chamber accepts packing and a variety of component and cartridge style mechanical and lip seals, in both single and double mechanical seal configurations
  • Threaded one-piece bearing housing allows for easy end clearance adjustment
  • One-piece cast bracket with the seal between bearings provides a rigid foundation to maximize seal and bearing life
  • Large diameter threaded bearing housing allows easy removal of cartridge seals
  • Huge range of sizes selection
  • Port angles of 90° and 180°
  • Cast iron, ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel options
DAE Pumps Tulare Gear Pumps


Model Volume Speed Port Size Pressure
Tulare 50 1.5 GPM 1,750 RPM .5″ 200 PSI
Tulare 75 3 GPM 1,750 RPM .5″ 200 PSI
Tulare 100 8 GPM 1,750 RPM 1″ 200 PSI
Tulare 153 15 GPM 1,750 RPM 1.5″ 200 PSI
Tulare 156 30 GPM 1,750 RPM 1.5″ 200 PSI
Tulare 215 67 GPM 1,450 RPM 2″ 200 PSI
Tulare 218 80 GPM 780 RPM 2″ 200 PSI
Tulare 220 90 GPM 1,450 RPM 2″ 200 PSI
Tulare 223 100 GPM 780 RPM 2″ 200 PSI
Tulare 231 135 GPM 640 RPM 2″ 200 PSI
Tulare 250 135 GPM 640 RPM 2.5″ 200 PSI
Tulare 332 140 GPM 520 RPM 3″ 200 PSI
Tulare 345 200 GPM 640 RPM 3″ 200 PSI
Tulare 468 300 GPM 520 RPM 4″ 200 PSI
Tulare 495 420 GPM 420 RPM 4″ 200 PSI
Tulare 611 500 GPM 520 RPM 6″ 200 PSI
Tulare 613 600 GPM 350 RPM 6″ 200 PSI
Tulare 825 1,100 GPM 280 RPM 8″ 200 PSI
Tulare 1036 1,600 GPM 280 RPM 10″ 200 PSI
Lobe Pump Applications

Tulare Gear Pump Benefits 

  • Highly efficient at the full range of speeds 
  • Capable of handling viscosities up to 2,000,000 SSU 
  • Low shear protects shear-sensitive liquids
  • Extended bearing and seal life with up to 1750 RPM operating speeds
  • Performs well with low NPSHR for pulling for vacuum vessels, excellent suction lift, and handling fluids prone to flashing
  • Ease of maintenance with quick access to seals, gears, and head
  • Capable of reversible flow directions
  • Variable speed drives for full control of flow rate


DAE Pumps Tulare gear pumps outperform others with a non-clogging performance, ease of maintenance, and superior quality parts. Because of the close tolerance between the gears and casing, most gear pumps are highly susceptible to wear, but not the Tulare. They are one of the most common types of pumps for pumping corrosive liquids and the Tulare gear pumps provide consistency in moving a variety of slurry materials. These robust pumps are suitable for a variety of application that includes the following and many others:

Food Industry
Liquid sugar
Corn Syrup
Brewer’s Yeast
Liquid Margarine
Vegetable Oils
Fish Solubles
Hot Oils

Ethyl Acetate

Heat Transfer
Cutting Oils
Anhydrous Ammonia
Foam Systems
Bonding Agents

Aviation Fuel
Hydraulic Fluid

Pumps for Food Processing

Food Processing

The robust design of the DAE Pumps Tulare gear pumps provides gentle processing of food products without damaging them. The Tulare series gear pumps are chosen by multiple processing plants for use in pumping vegetable oils, chocolates, syrups, and other food products.  Our pumps are capable of moving fluids forwards and backward. These non-clogging reliable systems provide worry-free operation with low pulsation, low shear, high efficiency, and handles both soft solids and hard abrasive solids.

DAE Pumps Gear Pumps for Paints


DAE Pumps gear pumps provide an even, the pulsation-free flow of liquid that makes them ideal for transferring paints, inks, solvents, and other chemicals. Our Tulare gear pumps performance is the best in typical chemical applications for their consistency in pumping at high and low viscosities. The multiple sizes allow for the right fit in any application and the forward and backward capability ensures accurate processing of materials. 

Pumps for Oil & Gas Applications

Oil & Gas

The reliable DAE Pumps Tulare pumps manage a wide range of viscous fluids that contain abrasive solids down to refined, clean material. Our pumps can handle the harshest operating conditions, including induced gas floatation froth, vapor-liquid separation, fuel transfer, tank cleaning, drilling fluids, barge loading, and many other oil and gas applications. The gear pumps provide a pulsation-free flow of liquid, making it ideal for all oil and gas processing. 

Tulare Metal Types

Cast Iron: Inexpensive cost for best resistance to galling, cast iron is used for most non-corrosive applications.

Ductile Iron: Alternative to steel for refinery and petrochemical applications, used on some rotors for higher viscosity.

Steel: Highly used in refinery and petrochemical applications. The rotor can be made of steel for the highest viscosities. Steel is also an excellent metal for extremely high temperatures.

Stainless Steel: For corrosion resistance over a wider pH range.

Alloy: Austenitic stainless steel for sulfuric acid.


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