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Gala 450 Lobe Pumps

DAE Pumps Gala 450 Lobe Pumps

Gala 450 Lobe Pumps

The DAE Pumps Gala 450 Lobe Pumps are versatile multi-purpose rotary lobe pumps for processing sludge, pastes, mud, other thick fluids, corrosive materials, and fine abrasives with ease. The Gala 450 provides consistent movement of fluids at a maximum volume of 408 GPM through its 4-inch input and discharge flanges with the ability to work forwards or backward.

These heavy-duty lobe pumps provide quick access to the chamber and lobes for ease of cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance.  The DAE Pumps Gala 450 is a no-clog heavy-duty lobe pump that can handle solids up to 1.5-inches, froth, dissolved air flotation (DAF), and other fluid/gas mixtures. These industrial pumps provide a strong vacuum with excellent suction lift, working well with any application with a low net positive suction head available.

The Gala 450 is available for a variety of applications in multiple industries, including pulp and paper, oil, gas, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, wastewater, biotech, and others. The reliable and durable Gala 450 offers multiple configurations in metal designs for a variety of applications and optional rotor designs with four lobes.

DAE Pumps Gala 450 is part of the Gala Series Lobe Pumps, which offer a variety of other sizes, flow rates, and speeds.

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Gala 450 Lobe Pumps


  • Pulsation Free, High Abrasives, & Low Shear
  • Quick & Easy Access for Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Maintenance
  • Consistent Pressure at Different Flow Rates
  • Variety of Metal Options for Different Applications
  • Handles Froth, Dissolved Air Flotation, and other Fluid/Gas Mixtures
  • Reversible for Loading, Unloading, and Backwash
  • Strong Vacuum/Self-Priming to 25 Feet
  • Handles Air and Fluid Without Damaging Cavitation
  • Able to Run Dry
Lobe Pump Applications


Rated Capacity: 0-408 GPM (0-93 m³/h)
Displacement (per 100 revolutions): 68 Gal (256 L)
Maximum Continuous Pressure: 100 PSI (6.9 Bar)
Starting Torque: 1,417 in lbf (160 N m)
Rated Speed: 0-600 RPM
Shaft Diameter: 1.65″ (42 mm)
Flange Connection Class: ANSI 16.5-150# (DN – PN 16)
Flange Connection Size: ANSI 4″ (DN 100)
Weight: 311 lbs (140 kg)
Solids Handling: 1.5″ (38 mm)


  • Hazardous Materials
  • Mining
  • Mud
  • Sludge
  • Slurry


Pumps for Food Processing

Food Processing

The multi-purpose design of the DAE Pumps lobe pumps provides gentle processing of food products without damaging them. The Gala Series Lobe Pumps are chosen by multiple processing plants for use in transferring, waste, mash & peel, centrifuge feed & thickening, and other processes.  Our pumps are capable of moving fluids forwards and backward. These non-clogging reliable systems provide worry-free operation with no pulsation, low shear, and can process liquids with high solids.

Pumps for Wastewater Treatment


DAE Pumps lobe pumps provide an even, pulsation-free flow of liquid that makes them ideal for transferring sludge and feeding dewatering equipment. Our lobe pumps performance is the best in typical wastewater applications, including dewatering, primary & secondary sludge, digested & thickened sludge, sludge transfer, and scum & septage. Our pumps handle thick sludge that contains grit, abrasives, and debris often found in wastewater sludges. In dissolved air floatation or DAF applications, we provide systems that can handle excessive air and other floatable debris such as hair and rags through the pump.

Pumps for Oil & Gas Applications

Oil & Gas

The reliable DAE Pumps lobe pumps manage a wide range of viscous fluids that contain heavy abrasive solids down to refined, clean material. Our pumps can handle the harshest operating conditions, including induced gas floatation froth, vapor-liquid separation, fuel transfer, tank cleaning, drilling fluids, barge loading, and many other oil and gas applications. The DAE Pumps lobe pump provides a pulsation-free flow of liquid, making it ideal for all oil and gas processing.

DAE Pumps lobe systems meet API 676 requirements.

Gala Lobe Pump Options:

Rotor Designs of Lobe Pumps

The design of the lobe pump rotor is important in the performance of the pumps. There are two design of the rotors, a wing, and a rounded design. The rounded lobes are more traditional and can come in a single or multiple lobes. The more lobes on the rotor result in less pump vibration. The wing design can allow for larger size solids to move through the same size lobe pump using the round design. The DAE Pumps lobe pumps are available with multiple options, and we can also build a custom design to meet the needs of your specific requirements.

DAE Pumps Wing Lobe

Wing Lobe Pump

DAE Pumps 3 Lobe Pump

Rounded Lobe Pump

Unique Metal Designs For Specific Applications

DAE Pumps offers the Gala lobe pumps in a variety of metals for specific uses. For general slurry use, the purpose DAE Pumps uses hardened steel wear plates and treated housing units that offer abrasive resistance and long lifecycle use. For use with chemicals and high corrosion liquids, we recommend the stainless steel option with stainless steel metal wear parts, silicon carbide mechanical seals, and Viton coated lobes. These systems are resistant to swelling when exposed to hydrocarbons. This option is used for chemical processing applications and in petroleum-related industries. The third option is the duplex steel for applications too corrosive for stainless steel, like use with hydroxides and chlorides.


Get turnkey solutions that include dredge hoses, slurry flow meters, power units, and more. Choose from multiple sizes of slurry hoses for the transferring of materials, wireless flow meters for measuring the flow rate in gallons per minute of liquid, and power units for operation. Parts are always in stock and available for immediate shipping to anywhere in the US and the world. 

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Gala 450 Lobe Pumps