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Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge

DAE Pumps Starter Pontoon Dredge

Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge

The DAE Pumps Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge is the most powerful two-man dredge. The Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge is compact, easy to operate, and safe. Equipped with a 6-inch hydraulic submersible pump and an extra-wide cutter head, the Sediment Slayer can access areas heavy equipment cannot reach. This small pontoon dredge is ideal for home association lakes, marinas, golf courses, ponds, lagoons, and a variety of other waterways.

DAE Pumps Sediment Slayer pond dredge is simple and easy to operate.  This mini dredge excavates sediment using a rugged, high-torque, direct-drive cutter head. The highly-rated, abrasion-resistant non-clogging 6” submersible pump moves material up to 1500 GPM and capable of passing softball-sized debris. Heavy-duty pontoons and a secured platform provide a reliable and safe work vessel.

The DAE Pumps Sediment Slayer is mobile-friendly and can be launched and loaded to/from its trailer without damaging the shoreline or leaving tracks. This lightweight dredge is powered by a 4-cylinder Cummins diesel engine that is rated at 65 horsepower.  The Sediment Slayer pontoon dredge can operate for up to 10-hours with this highly efficient engine that contains a 30-gallon fuel tank and consumes just 3 GPH of fuel during pumping operations.

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Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge


  • Compact and Easy to Operate 2-Man Dredge

  • Heavy-Duty 6-Inch Submersible Pump with Non-Clogging Suction

  • Extra-wide Cutter Head with Excavator Grade Teeth

  • Two durable pontoon with multiple compartments
  • Ultrapowerful Diesel Engine

  • Small Environmental Footprint


  • Length: 22 ft
  • Width: 71 inches (5′ 11″)
  • Height: 64 inches (5′ 4″)
  • Discharge Diameter: 6 inch
  • Horsepower: 65 HP @ 2800 RPM
  • Fuel Capacity: 30 gallon
  • Working Depth: Up to 13 feet
  • Performance: Flow 1500 GPM Max: 1,100 GPM @50 ft TDH
  • Flotation: Two pontoons that are 26″x22″x192″
  • Travel System: Double pulley hydraulic windlass with 2 hydraulic motors
  • Cutterhead: 66″ wide with a 14″ diameter. Utilizes a variable speed dual hydraulic motor with direct drive.
  • Cut width: 66 inches
  • Engine: Cummins 4 cylinder diesel engine
  • Instrumentation: Tachometer/hour meter, slurry pump hydraulic pressure gauge, cutter head hydraulic pressure gauge, and a discharge pressure gauge
DAE PUmps Starter Pontoon Dredge on Golf Course Pond
DAE PUmps Starter Pontoon Dredge on Trailer

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The Portable Dredge

The DAE Pumps Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge is considered the best portable dredge pump for suctioning sediment, mud, and all types of slurry from ponds, lagoons, lakes, marinas, and many other waterways. This mini dredge pump loads onto a small trailer very easily for transporting from one site to another. Carry this portable suction dredge to your next project, unload, launch, and start dredging right away.

Ease and portability make this mini dredger the industry’s first choice for a portable pond suction dredge.

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Pump Curve

Sediment Slayer Pump Curve
DAE Pumps Starter Pontoon Dredge

Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge Packages and Additional Options

Standard Floating Discharge Package (Approx 220’ on the Water):


  • 7 – 6” SBR 150 psi Discharge Hose Assembly x 15ft long
  • 1 – 6” HDPE pipe assembly x 13ft long with 6” x 10ft HDPE float
  • 5 – 6” HDPE pipe assembly x 20ft long with 6” x 13ft HDPE float
  • 1 – 6” 45-degree adapter
  • 1 – 6” 90-degree adapter
  • 15 – 6” eccentric clamp, stainless locking loop

*Additional floating also available.

DAE Pumps Starter Pontoon Dredge - Standard Floating Discharge Package

Standard Travel Package:

  • 1000ft of 1/4″ Galvanized Aircraft Cable
  • 4 – 6’ x 1” Nylon Slings
  • 20 – ¼” Crosby Clips
  • 16 – Stakes
  • 2 – Cable Pullers (Cable Come Along)
  • 4 – Stake Plates
  • 10 – Shackles
  • 8 ¼” Wire Rope Thimbles
DAE Pumps Starter Pontoon Dredge - Travel Package

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Custom Trailer with Pipe Rack

The trailer is modified with a custom pipe rack. This allows you to pack up the Sediment Slayer pond dredge and your discharge pipe into one package. The rack is easily removable without tools. The trailer comes with a mount for a spare tire. 


Cutter Head Wheels:

We offer cutter head wheel options that adapt the Sediment Slayer pond dredge so it can be used with lined lagoons.



DAE Pumps Starter Pontoon Dredge - Cutterhead Wheels

Paddle Bar:

We offer a paddle bar for our dredge that is used for thicker and more viscous materials such as sludge and muck in ponds.


Polymer Mixing Boxes

Polymer mixing boxes offer a point of injection for polymers mid-discharge. We also offer an automatic pressure sensing injector controller (PSIC).


Bimini Top

A Bimini Top (West Marine 1895696) can be ordered in a variety of colors for your Sediment Slayer pond dredge to match your custom dredge colors. We offer custom dredge coloring at no additional charge.


Impeller Options

Our closed impeller is designed for sludge/slurry pumping with minimal trash or vegetation.


6-Inch Pipe Assemblies

Pipe assemblies are sold individually in 6”x20’ sections.


Boom Extenders

We offer a 36” boom extension that will make the cut of the Sediment Slayer’s cut depth 2 feet deeper.  We offer factory installation or a conversion kit for this option.


Manifold Components

We offer a variety of discharge pipeline components for our dredge. Our manifold kit allows you to pump into two GeoTextile Tubes.  Each additional GeoTextile Tube requires more discharge components.


Saltwater Anodes

We offer a variety of anodes for saltwater dredging operations.  We also offer a stainless steel fitting and hose assembly kit for saltwater dredging applications.


Clamping Options

We offer two varieties of clamps.  We offer a regular eccentric clamp and a modified locking eccentric clamp.  Locking eccentric clamps are designed to be used in water with our floating discharge package.

Other Accessories

Contractors and operators also get our accessories to complete their pumping project because of the quality and reliability of the equipment.

We provide complete turnkey solutions that include slurry hoses, slurry flow meters, hydraulic power units, and more. Choose from multiple sizes of slurry hoses for the transferring of materials, ultrasonic wireless flow meters for measuring the flow rate in gallons per minute of liquid,  and pipe floats. Parts are always in stock and available for immediate shipping to anywhere in the US and the world.

Dredge Hoses
DAE Pumps UFM Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter
DAE Pumps Pipe Floats and Hose Floats

Slurry Hoses: Extremely durable hoses that transfer the most abrasive solids. Available in multiple sizes and lengths to work with the connection you need. 

Hose Floats: Hose and pipe floats ensure successful transfer of sediment from the middle of lakes, ponds, and lagoons. These floats keep the hoses above water so the line is visible and safe.  

Flow Meters: Ensure optimum performance from the pump and the transferring of slurry. Our ultrasonic flow meters provide the highest accuracy of measuring the material movement. 

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Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge

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Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge FAQs

What is the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge?

The Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge is a specialized piece of pond dredging equipment designed for efficiently removing sediment, sludge, and debris from ponds, lakes, and other water bodies. This innovative dredge is engineered to tackle pond dredging projects with ease and effectiveness.

How does the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge differ from other pond dredging equipment?

The Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge stands out for its unique design and high-performance capabilities. Unlike traditional pond dredging equipment, the Sediment Slayer features a compact and portable design, making it ideal for maneuvering in confined spaces and shallow water areas. Its powerful suction dredge pump and efficient sediment removal system ensure thorough and efficient pond dredging.

What are the key features of the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge?

The Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge is equipped with features to optimize pond dredging operations. These features include a robust pontoon design for stability and buoyancy, a powerful suction dredge pump for effective sediment removal, a durable cutterhead for breaking up and dislodging compacted sediments, and customizable options to suit various pond dredging needs.

What are the benefits of using the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge for pond dredging?

Using the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge offers several benefits for pond owners and operators. This dredge provides efficient and thorough sediment removal, improving water quality, enhancing aquatic habitats, and restoring the aesthetic appeal of ponds. Its portable design allows for easy deployment and maneuverability, while its high-performance capabilities ensure fast and effective pond dredging results.

How can I determine if the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge is suitable for my pond dredging project?

Assessing the suitability of the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge for a pond dredging project involves considering factors such as the size and depth of the pond, the type and volume of sediment to be removed, access constraints, and project timelines. Consulting with a dredging and industrial pump expert can help evaluate your specific pond dredging needs and determine the optimal solution for achieving your project goals.

What types of pond dredging projects is the Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge suitable for?

The Sediment Slayer Pond Dredge is suitable for a wide range of pond dredging projects, including sediment removal, pond maintenance, shoreline restoration, habitat enhancement, and waterway management. Whether you need to dredge a small backyard pond or a large recreational lake, the Sediment Slayer offers efficient and reliable performance to meet your pond dredging needs.