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Appalachian 1212JD Self-Priming Surface Pump – 12″ / 7210 GPM / 156 HP / 153′ Head


Appalachian 1212JD Self-Priming Surface Pump – 12″ / 7210 GPM / 156 HP / 153′ Head

DAE Pumps Appalachian 1212JD Self-Priming Surface Pump is a heavy-duty centrifugal dewatering self-priming pump with an 12-inch discharge. They provide a maximum flow rate of up to 7210 GPM with their 156 HP diesel engine. The max head on the Appalachian 1212JD is 153-feet. This self-priming pump is capable of automatically priming to 12-feet of suction lift from dry and can pass solids up to 3-inches.

These heavy-duty pumps extend a range of industries from applications like dewatering mines and construction sites, removing floodwater, and a variety of other municipal applications. The Appalachian pump provides the non-clogging performance, reliability, and ease of use you need.

The Appalachian 1212JD surface pumps comprise of an air separator unit and a vacuum pump, offering rapid automatic priming. Even with suction heights of several feet, these tools rapidly evacuate the air from the suction pipe and start to pump. In addition, the semi-open impeller is suitable for pumping liquids with solids in suspensions.

The Appalachian 1212JD is part of the Appalachian Series of self-priming surface pumps, which offer a variety of sizes, flow rates, speeds, and more to match your needs.

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Appalachian 1212JD Self-Priming Surface Pump


  • Pump: High efficiency: 74% (B.E.P.)
  • Rapid “dry” priming: Up to a height of 12 ft (3.7 m)
  • High resistance: Resistant to abrasive liquids and turbid sandy waters
  • Semi‐open impeller: Solids handling up to 3.5” (89 mm)
  • Diaphragm vacuum pump: Oil-free suitable for dry running: no contamination of the environment
  • Mechanical shaft seal in oil bath: It allows the “dry running” operation of the pump
  • Wear plate: Cast iron wear plate that is easily replaceable
  • Easy maintenance: Hinged cover for direct access to the impeller (without lifting devices). Link-belt quick to replace on the field.


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Discharge Size: 12″
Max Volume: 7,210 GPM (1638 m³/h – 27,293 l/min)
Max Head: 153 ft (47 m)
Horsepower: 156 HP
Max Volume Eff: 5,200 GPM (1181 m³/h – 19,684 l/min)
Max Efficiency: 74%
Impeller Type: Enclosed, 2 Vane
Solids Handling: 3.5″ (89 mm)


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Appalachian 1212JD Self-Priming Surface Pump