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Prime 49 Hydraulic Power Units – 49 HP / 2500-3500 PSI / 4 – 21 GPM

DAE Pumps Prime 49 Hydraulic Power Unit

Prime 49 Hydraulic Power Units – 49 HP / 2500-3500 PSI / 4 – 21 GPM

DAE Pumps Prime 49 Hydraulic Power Units provide high-quality power for your hydraulic tools and equipment through a heavy-duty diesel-driven engine. The Prime 49 offers 49 HP at an operating pressure between 2500 and 3500 PSI with hydraulic flow between 4 – 21 GPM, and a 80 gallons hydraulic tank capacity. This powerful HPU system delivers the force and torque needed to operate a variety of power tools. 

Even though the Prime 49 is small in size, this robust system has a high-capacity hydraulic cooler and a powerful Hatz engine. The Prime 49 is available on a skid or trailer. As a portable hydraulic power packs it can go with you anywhere because it is DOT certified for highway towing to bring with you more power for those heavy-duty jobs.  The EPA rated Tier 4 Hatz engine is equipped with a 56 gallons capacity fuel tank for extended operating time. DAE Pumps Prime 49 is the right size hydraulic power pack for many heavy-duty tools. 

The Prime 49 provide complete power for all our hydraulic submersible slurry pumps. These hydraulic power systems include high-quality and carefully designed safety, environmental, and maintenance features. Our high-performance HPU is designed without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). By doing so, we have eliminated the tremendous maintenance headaches caused by active regeneration used by other engine manufacturers.

The Prime 49 is part of the Prime Series HPUs which offer a variety of sizes, power, configurations, and more to match your needs.

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Prime 49 Hydraulic Power Units


Horsepower: 49 HP / 37 kW
Operating Pressure: 2500 to 3500 PSI(172-241 Bar)
Hydraulic Flow: 4 to 21 GPM (15-79 LPM)
Hydraulic Tank: 80 Gal (302 Liters)
Diesel Tank: 56 Gal (151 Liters)
Skid Weight: 2200 Lbs dry, 2800 lbs full
Skid Dimensions: 48″ x 48” x 70”
Trailer Weight: 3500 Lbs (1587 kg)
Trailer Dimensions: 132″ x 70” x 74” (335 cm x 177 cm x 187 cm)
Hydraulic Oil: 32 or 46 AW, BIO, NS

DAE Pumps Prime 49 Hydraulic Power Unit Trailer



  • Hatz diesel engine with 5 Year / 5000 hr Warranty
  • EPA rated engine with rubber engine shock points
  • Engine monitoring system
  • Engine safety shutdown package
  • Double fuel and hydraulic filtration
  • Optional Air inlet shutdown valve
  • Electric start with battery & weather safe battery box


  • Hatz diesel engine with 5 Year / 5000 hr Warranty
  • Low Point drain plugs & tank isolation valves
  • Custom Radiator grill guard
  • Variable pressure hydraulic valve with relief
  • Easy to read safety and operation labeling
  • Flame arrestor exhaust with heat shield
  • Emergency engine over speed shutdown
  • Oil Spill containment


  • Single or twin circuit variable flow hydraulic controls
  • High capacity hydraulic cooling system
  • Hydraulic oil filter with spin on cartridge
  • Oil spill and fuel spill containment trailer
  • 5000 PSI hydraulic gauges
  • Screw together 3/4” or 1” supply and return fittings
  • Hydraulic oil level & temperature indicators
  • Low level hydraulic fluid shutdown


  • Powder coated frame & box tube lifting design
  • Fully adjustable Pintle or Bulldog hitch & trailer jack
  • Torsion flex removable trailer axles – no leaf springs
  • Top tank desiccant breather
  • 10” Oversized tank clean out ports
  • 60 or 100 GPM hydraulic cooler options
  • Removable fuel and hydraulic tanks
  • Low point drain plugs

Diesel Engine

49 HP Hatz 3H50

  • Turbocharged diesel engine
  • Liquid cooled 4 cylinder engine – 49 HP / 37 kW output
  • 1.46 L displacement – 2800 Max RPM
  • EPA Tier 4 Final Compliant

Factory Options Available (extra)

  • Fully custom hydraulic circuits, pressures, and flow
  • Air or electric start; mechanical or electric
  • Integrated hydraulic hose reels
  • Optional hydraulic pressure washer

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Prime 49 Hydraulic Power Units