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Pontoon Dredge

Silt-Bot Mini Dredge

The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot Mini Dredge is a robust dredge pump system that cleans silt and sediment from the bottom of lagoons, basins, ponds, small lakes, and other waterways. The Silt-Bot performs similarly to a pool cleaner robot that rides along the bottom cleaning up dirt and debris. This small dredge offers a powerful, non-clogging pump designed for high solids industrial pumping applications. The pump removes silt, sediments, and slurry by agitating the material, allowing it to pump up to 30% solids.

Suitable for waterways of up to 60,000 square feet surface areas and 11 feet deep, the DAE Pumps Silt-Bot is ideal for smaller dredging projects that the large dredging operations cannot access. The Silt-Bot mini dredge is connected by a cable and pulley system controlled by a single operator that controls the forward and back, up and down operations. Silt-bot is used in agriculture recycled water ponds, power plants, paper/pulp plants, mines, chemical plants, oil fields, and other industries need to keep the capacity of their tailings and cutting ponds while following the environmental impact standards. The unique design feature of this pontoon dredge does not harm poly, clay, or concrete liners.

Facilities that often outsource the maintenance of their ponds and lagoons to dredging companies can now safely and easily perform their own dredging. The Silt-Bot can be transported by a truck or trailer and deployed without heavy equipment. DAE Pumps’ mini dredge pumps are easy to set up and run. 

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Silt-Bot Mini Dredge Pumps


  • Non-clogging
  • High Viscosity
  • Pumps 15% – 30% Solids
  • High Specific Gravity
  • High Abrasives
  • No Critical Tolerances
  • Low Maintenance
  • Minimal Downtime
DAE Pumps Pontoon Dredger


The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot mini dredge pumps offer a variety of features and benefits over excavator dredging and marine vessel dredgers.

  • Small, light-weight and easy to transport with the portable trailer
  • Access to open waterways that excavators and larger vessels cannot reach
  • No damage to land
  • Ideal in lagoons, tailings ponds, holdings ponds, canals, and basins
  • Easy to set-up and begin dredging


The Portable Dredge

The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot small pontoon dredge pump is considered the best portable dredge pump for suctioning sediment, mud, and all types of slurry from ponds, lagoons, and lakes. This mini dredge pump loads into a small trailer very easily for transporting from one site to another. Carry this portable suction dredge to your next project, unload, set-up, and start dredging. With minimal assembly, you will be dredging in no time and completing the project faster than ever.

Ease and portability make this mini dredger the industry’s first choice for a portable pond suction dredge.

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Small Sand Dredge

The DAE Pumps pontoon dredge pump performs ideally as a small sand dredge. With the heavy-duty submersible slurry pump that is capable of suctioning sand, silt, sediment, and slurry, the pontoon dredge pump skims across the bottom, pumping material, sand, and debris. The angled bars allow the pontoon dredge pump to move freely as heights increase and decrease.

This small sand dredge is capable of reaching the center and edge of ponds, tanks, and lagoons where most other dredges can only access just one location. The versatile dredger is a must-have for anyone with small to medium size dredging projects.


Silt-Bot 4-Inch Electric Mini Dredge

The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot 4-Inch Mini Pontoon Dredge is a portable, robust, and smaller version dredge that is capable of dredging areas that the large dredging operations cannot access. Capable of pumping up to 1,200 GPM, the 4-inch pump operates at 1800 RPM and can pass solids up to 3-inches while moving 30% materials.

The Silt-Bot offers non-clogging pumping capability designed for high solids industrial pumping applications. Set it up and watch it go.


Contractors and operators also get our accessories to complete their pumping project because of the quality and reliability of the equipment.

We provide complete turnkey solutions that include slurry hoses, slurry flow meters, hydraulic power units, and more. Choose from multiple sizes of slurry hoses for the transferring of materials, ultrasonic wireless flow meters for measuring the flow rate in gallons per minute of liquid, hose and pipe floats, and hydraulic power units for operation. Parts are always in stock and available for immediate shipping to anywhere in the US and the world.

Dredge Hoses
DAE Pumps UFM Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter
DAE Pumps Pipe Floats and Hose Floats

Slurry Hoses: Extremely durable hoses that transfer the most abrasive solids. Available in multiple sizes and lengths to work with the connection you need. 

Hose Floats: Hose and pipe floats ensure successful transfer of sediment from the middle of lakes, ponds, and lagoons. These floats keep the hoses above water so the line is visible and safe.  

Flow Meters: Ensure optimum performance from the pump and the transferring of slurry. Our ultrasonic flow meters provide the highest accuracy of measuring the material movement. 

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