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February 2, 2021


DAE Pumps Improves Dewatering Processes with Appalachian Series Surface Pumps

San Diego, CA –DAE Pumps is improving dewatering processes with the Appalachian Series Dewatering Surface Pumps for moving liquids with solids. DAE Pumps, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty pumps used for construction, mining, dredging, and many other industry applications, adds the Appalachian Dewatering Surface Pumps to their extensive line of dewatering pump. The Appalachian pumps are vacuum prime centrifugal pumps that offer high-performance pumping in a variety of conditions.

The Appalachian Dewatering Surface Pumps support water and other liquid pumping usages in emergency flood control, site drainage, wash plants, sewage bypass, and other dewatering applications. Appalachian pumps process up to 9510 gallons per minute with as large as 285-horsepower engine and high head models that reach a maximum head of 500 feet. DAE Pumps Appalachian pumps are available in various pump sizes from 3-inches to 12-inches and handle solids up to 3.5 inches while moving fluids. The durable and compact build allows for easy transportation via their trailer mounts that come standard. Sound-proof models are also available.

DAE Pumps has over 30 years of experience in pump technology, providing multiple pumps and dredging equipment choices. DAE Pumps provides pumps used for mining, food processing, oil transferring, tank cleaning, marine dredging, dewatering, and many other applications. The Appalachian pumps expand on the DAE Pumps selection of dewatering pumps. The DAE Pumps dewatering pump lines used for moving or removing liquids include surface and submersible pumps.

“The Appalachian Pumps are the type of pump our customers in dewatering can get excited about,” commented Tim Sawyer, product engineer team manager at DAE Pumps. “They are powerful and reliable pumps that can move liquids quickly while easily handling the additional material that traditionally clogs and destroys other pumps.”

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