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DAE Pumps – Pumps and Dredging Equipment 

DAE Pumps provides economical, heavy-duty, non-clogging pumps, dredge equipment, and accessories you need to move liquids, and solids up to 35% by volume. Our equipment processes a variety of materials for industries and applications including construction, mining, wastewater, food, beverage, energy, and more.

Our reliable pumps and dredges outperform others with rugged designs ideal for everyday use in harsh conditions. We are the low-cost leader selling directly to you with specialized pumps for your application needs, like self-priming, submersible, dredging, gear, lobe, and flooded suction. DAE Pumps specializes in pumps that move slurry and other liquids for dewatering and dredging, along with processing oils and food products. A vast array of pumps is sold directly to you.

The dual-function Growler series dredge pumps are extremely versatile equipment used on excavators and cranes for dredging marine environments. This Excavator Deployed Dredge Pump is mounted to the boom of an excavator or cable deployed via crane or barge. The Growler series is the toughest for moving a variety of materials.

Our pontoon mini dredges provide single-person dredging and the diver-operated dredge pumps provide even more hands-on operation. DAE Pumps offers a robust centrifugal series. Excellent for dewatering applications, these pumps come in submersible and self-priming versions for moving a massive amount of dirty water material in minutes.

The flooded suction setups make tank or container cleaning of slurry and sludge materials easy.

The positive displacement pumps also service a large variety of industries with their consistency and controlled material movement. These PD pump lines consist of rotary gear, lobe, vane, and screw versions. Our reciprocating group offers power and reliability with the diaphragm, piston, and plunger pumps. Complete your project with hoses, floats, hydraulic power units, flow meters, and more.

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