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The excavator dredge attachment mounts onto the boom arm of an excavator, allowing the operator to excavate underwater much more effectively than traditional dredges, and is a plug and pump system for quick setup.

This dredge hose provides safe and efficient transferring of sludge, slurry, abrasive solids, corrosive material, and even thick red mud. These slurry hoses are suitable for use in dredging, mining, oil, construction, agriculture, sewage, wastewater, and chemical industries.

Environmental dredges are built to be as precise as possible with low turbidity to prevent disruption of the surrounding aquatic environment and keep the contaminated material from resuspension, allowing them to spread over a wider area. 

DAE Pumps manufacture high-quality pumps and dredge equipment at affordable prices that are reliable for all your heavy projects. Our pumps move thick mud, sand, the most abrasive rocks, and other material with ease. Check us out today!

The diver operated dredge pump provides underwater dredging that is safe and manageable for the diver. DAE Pumps diver operated dredge pumps can be used in hard-to-reach locations that larger pumps or excavators cannot reach and they provide incredible suction.

Cable-deployed dredge pumps are the preferred tools to dredge or pump material from waterways or to unload barges. These powerful pumps are an excellent tool in removing sediment, contaminants, and other harsh and abrasive materials.