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DAE Pumps Growler Dredge Pumps – Excavator Mounted and Cable Deployed

The Growler dredge pump series by DAE Pumps is the industry’s most robust suction and dredging tool. Consisting of a powerful pump and two heavy-duty side cutters, this durable equipment breaks up and moves material in some of the toughest environments.

The Growler pumps material faster and less expensive than the traditional scooping and hauling methods by simplifying the process of moving material through hoses and pipes direct to the desired destination. Ready to connect to the boom of an excavator, the powerful Growler makes short work of dredging projects. This excavator-mounted dredge pump quickly processes material in close reach of the shoreline or in low water levels. Its only limit is the reach of the excavator’s arm. For greater depths, the Growler can be deployed by a crane and still provide unparalleled performance.

DAE Pumps offer the hydraulic Growler 1000 and electric Growler 3000 in multiple sizes and powers. From 3-inch to 16-inch pumps, this dredging system provides over 400 horsepower for processing more than 8800 gallons per minute of the most abrasive solids.

Pump up to 30% solids by volume with our non-clogging technology that moves up to 2 and a half inch solids and the hi-chrome body with a Brinell hardness of 600 offers the ultimate wear protection on the Growler dredge pumps.

DAE Pumps provides complete turnkey solutions that include dredge hoses, flow meters, hydraulic power units, water jetting for stronger material agitation, and everything else you need for your next dredge project.

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