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DAE Pumps Self-Priming Pumps Know-How

September 05, 2022

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Discover how this article will get you up to speed about the self-priming DAE Pumps outperforming a traditional centrifugal pumps. DAE Pumps are a new type of pump that is becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages over traditional centrifugal pumps. Self-priming DAE Pumps can prime themselves without needing an external water source, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

This Article Includes

  • How is the DAE Pumps Self-Prime?
  • A Self-Priming DAE Pump: Some Tips
  • Common uses of Self-priming pumps
  • List of Benefits to the Self-Priming DAE Pumps

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How is the DAE Pump self-Prime?

A pump is self-priming if it draws the fluid from the outside of the pump before the fluid has dried. The fluid then flows through the pump to the downstream destination.

Designing a self-priming pump is all about creating a vacuum in the port at which the fluid enters (volute). This vacuum is what pulls the fluid into the pump’s inlet port, allowing it to pump the fluid downstream.

How the DAE Pump generates vacuum at its inlet port is due to the rotation of the rotating rotor within the pump. The rotor spinning creates turbulent motion, which then creates the vortex. A vortex forms a low-pressure area, which in turn creates a vacuum. The DAE Pump is self-priming because of this vacuum.

While most DAE Pumps are submersible (as opposed to a self-priming unit where the pump and power unit remain submerged), many DAE Pumps are submersible. Attached to the inlet port, the DAE Pump’s suction hose goes into the pumped material. The unit works like a giant wet vacuum and draws the material into it. It then pumps the material downstream until its destination. DAE self-priming pump can be easily mounted on trailers and skids. This allows increased mobility. It is capable of handling solid, abrasive, or corrosive materials.

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A Self-Priming DAE Pump: Some Tips

These DAE Pumps have a broad application range and are highly versatile. DAE Pumps are well-suited to pumps that pump extremely challenging materials such as slurry, very viscous material, and paste. Although DAE Pumps can be used for a broad range of industrial pumps, it is important to know the specifics.

These are the details for installing an industrial pump in an application: 

  • Check for leaks before you install the pump. If the fittings are not tightened, it can reduce or even eliminate the pump’s ability to suction. Check the pumping system for leaks. Even small leaks could prevent the pump from working correctly. 
  • The pump should be the straightest and most direct way to connect the discharge pipe or piping. To ensure that the pump can suction adequately, it should be located as near the fluid source as possible. Correctly sized pipes or hoses, as well as connections, should be chosen to minimize pipe friction losses. The pipe or hose must be equal to or greater than the outlet and discharge ports. 
  • The pump might need to be relocated if the fluid’s vacuum demands are higher than its self-priming capabilities. If this is the case, you should move the pump closer to the fluid to which it will be used. 
  • The pump will not be able to pull the fluid from the outlet port if it must be placed far away from the liquid. An artificial method of forcing the fluid to be drawn into the pump may be necessary if this happens. 
  • Do not use the pump for any application that exceeds chemical compatibility, temperature, or other limits. 


Common uses of Self-Priming Pumps

A DAE Pump that self-primes can be used in many industries. Some examples include: 

  • Waste lift stations where raw sewage can be pumped into treatment facilities using high-solids pumps.
  • Stormwater removal from facilities, construction sites, and dewatering mining operations.
  • Application for agriculture or irrigation to irrigate large land projects that require much water.
  • Light fuel transfer from the source to destination or storage tank for oil- and gas pump applications.
  • Lines of supply for industrial and commercial air conditioner systems.
  • Large-scale firefighting.


List of benefits to the Self-Priming DAE Pumps

Because of their distinctive design, self-priming DAE Pumps offer many benefits. You can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Optimized Performance It is built to pump the most complex materials, such as high viscosity liquids or slurries with high solids.
  • This pump removes air automatically and continues to operate without needing assistance.
  • The DAE Pump can pump solids up to the same size as its inlet port, regardless of how big the DAE Pump.
  • The Pump may be used for submersible or flooded suction. It can also be used where the pump is placed above the liquid to be pumped.
  • This pump is self-priming without any vacuum aid.

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