Variable Frequency Drives - All You Need to Know About VFDs

Variable Frequency Drives – All You Need to Know About VFDs

August 19, 2022

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This article will provide a brief overview of VFDs and the characteristics that they have. It also explains how specialty pumps are different from industrial pumps. The following article will provide information about key considerations and factors to make sure that the pump purchased is suitable for your specific application.

This Article Includes

  • Variable Frequency Drives 101
  • What is a VFD used for
  • Why Do I need a VFD for a Pump?
  • Choosing the right pump motor for a VFD

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Variable Frequency Drives 101

High-performance slurry or sludge pumps based upon DAE Pump’s fluid dynamic technology provide a solution to the most challenging materials, such as mud and slurry. They can be affected by how fast they run, as well as the AC motors that power them. To ensure maximum pumping efficiency, add a variable frequency driver (VFD), to any slurry pumping application that requires you to change speeds quickly.

The Bear Series water pump is a dedicated variable frequency drive that uses variable speed motors. It’s more cost-effective and simpler to use than traditional drives. It also features IP65 and IP20 protection levels, integrated pump control and protection function, VFD with built-in relay and PLC. This makes it easy to connect, reduce troubleshooting, maintain and save human costs. It is a great variable speed pump driver for both new and retrofit projects.

Variable Frequency Drive - Bear

What is a VFD used for

VFD technology was created in response to limitations in AC power. The speed at which AC motors such as those powering industrial pumps rotate is determined by both the input power and the number or poles within the motor. AC power is available in the US at 60Hz, which means standard single-phase two-pole motors can spin 60 times per minute.

The speed can be reduced by adding more poles, but it won’t affect the electrical frequency. You can’t simply swap an electric motor for one with fewer or more poles. Although transistor systems have been around for decades that enable you to switch specific poles off or on, these systems can be complex and lack the precise control required for industrial pumping. VFDs, on the other hand, change the frequency of power supplies, which allows for precise and instant adjustments to pump operation.

VFDs work by taking AC power at 60 Hz, converting it to direct current (DC), and sending it through a DC bus, which filters the voltage further. Next, the power is sent to an inverter that creates DC energy pulses similar to AC current. Because the output pulses mimic AC power, it creates the induction processes necessary to spin the motor’s rotor. The VFD can adjust the power supply at will because DC voltage and frequency is simpler to regulate than AC. A number of transistors including the Insulated Gate and Bipolar Transistor allow for manual or automated control over power output as well as the resulting DAE pump performance. The power output can be easily increased for sludge pumps under high loads. It is then reduced again if a blockage has passed or the texture or composition of the slurry/sludge changes.

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Why Do I need a VFD for a Pump?

Benefits of Utilizing a VFD When Using a Slurry Pump

  • To meet application flow requirements, you can increase or decrease the flow rate.
  • Pump maintenance can be reduced by running the pump at maximum efficiency and lowering total system pressure.
  • The pump’s energy efficiency has been improved, which reduces the price per gallon.
  • You can add programmable controllers.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for control valves, which often require maintenance and installation of individual sensors and are not suitable for processing slurry and sludge.
  • You can control the speed of your motor without having to switch to expensive DC motors.

Due to the high viscosity and presence of large solids as well as changes in viscosity, pumping hard, abrasive materials such paper pulp or wastewater can be difficult. Pumps that have been designed for a specific speed or load can be damaged by these problems. Similar problems can also be caused by sludges and other heavy materials that must be pumped during mining or dredging. VFDs enable slurry pumps to respond to changing material in real time, which prevents damage to the motors and ensures that the system runs at its maximum efficiency. Variable speed control is very useful during slow-processing dewatering operations.

Choosing the right pump motor for a VFD

Pumps can be powered by a VFD only. However, not all AC pumps motors can be used with VFDs. You’ll need to have a motor that can withstand the vibrations caused by variable frequency drives. Single-stage and close coupled pumps have less resonance than frames and multistage units. Because the VFD pumps are operated at a lower speed than normal, the heat loss patterns will be disrupted. Pumps that connect to VFDs can have better insulation. The pump can withstand voltage spikes during VFD operation. However, this could cause insulation to be damaged over time. This is not a problem as long as you use NEMA AC motors with 230V. Instead, you can look into a motor that is specifically engineered to deal with the spikes in voltage caused by VFD operation.

DAE Pump has experienced techs who are available to assist with motor and VFD setup for any pumping application.

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