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Silt-Bot Mini Dredge Video

The Silt-Bot by DAE Pumps is a remote-controlled mini dredge for removing sand, silt, sediment, and other debris from ponds, lagoons, and waterways. This small dredge system is automated to move across the water suctioning materials and muck as it goes. Connected to a pulley system, the Silt-Bot move forward/back and up/down. The operator monitors the Silt-bot from shore and with a push of a button on the handheld remote, raises and lowers the pump as it skims across the bottom, removing material as it goes. Silt-bot is used in agriculture recycled water ponds, power plants, paper/pulp plants, mines, chemical plants, oil fields, and other industries need to keep the capacity of their tailings and cutting ponds while following the environmental impact standards. The unique design feature of this pontoon dredge does not harm poly, clay, or concrete liners.

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