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      Dredge Pumps

      Dredge pumps are one of the most robust equipment for moving material. They are abrasive-resistant, making them ideal for grinding through rocks, sludge, sand, slurry, and many other objects. The open impeller design and powerful suction of the DAE Pumps dredge pumps allow for easy passage of large solids, and our dredge pumps lead the industry in durability and power. Dredging utilizes high powered pumps to transfer water and slurry through a pipeline over a set distance. Dredging often involves working under sensitive or harsh conditions, so selecting the correct dredge system and pump is critical for the success of a project.

      With decades of experience, DAE Pumps produces reliable dredge pumps that continuously transfer large solids with little mechanical downtime, and at affordable prices. The hi-chrome body with a Brinell hardness of 600, offering the ultimate wear protection. They grind through with ease the material that typically clogs, wears, and breaks other dredge pumps. DAE Pumps makes a variety of dredging pumps to choose from and can be configured hydraulically, electrically, or diesel-driven to fit all your dredging needs. Check out our robust selection of cable-deployed dredge pumps, excavator mounted dredge pumps, pontoon dredge pumps (mini dredges), and diver operated dredges and pumps. The versatile cable-deployed and excavator dredge pumps are interchangeable and can be configured to your specific requirement.

      DAE Pumps Growler 1000

      Cable-Deployed Dredge Pumps

      Cable-deployed dredge pumps are the preferred tools to dredge or pump material from waterways or to unload barges. These powerful pumps can reach depths of up to 100-ft in water and pump solids at distances of over a mile reaching a rate of up to 1000 cubic yards of material per hour.

      DAE Pumps Growler 5000

      Excavator Dredge Pumps

      Excavator dredge pumps are a game-changer for small to medium scale dredging projects. Hydraulic excavator dredge pumps allow contractors to perform their dredging by mounting a 4-inch to 12-inch pump on the end of an excavator boom and move large amounts of material up to 12,000 GPM with heads up to 400 feet TDH.

      Pontoon Dredge

      Pontoon Dredge Pumps

      Small pontoon dredge pumps or mini dredges are ideal for the lagoons, basins, ponds, and other smaller dredging projects. The robust and simple design allows a single operator to run a dredge remotely and pump at the highest production rates without harming the poly, clay, or concrete liners.

      DAE Pumps Diver-Operated Dredge Pumps

      Diver-Operated Dredges and Pumps

      Diver-operated dredges and pumps get into areas where conventional dredging equipment cannot reach for removing large quantities of sediments and soils. Dredge around water intakes, wet-well, tanks, cooling towers, and other locations at wastewater treatment plants, dams, river terminals, power plants, paper/pulp mills, and other industrial facilities.

      Dredge Pump Applications

      DAE Pumps dredge pumps are ideal for a variety of applications, including dredging dams, ports, marinas, rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, and more. Ensuring water quality and capacity are essential in hydroelectric and water supply dams, making DAE Pumps dredge pumps perfect for removing excess sand and silt. Clearing sediment and contaminates from riverbeds, channels, canals, and oceans help restore safe navigation and shoreline formations and dredging lakes and ponds clean and remove contaminants and tailing. As ocean currents move sediments, the seafloor slowly rises, lowering the depth of marinas and ports. Dredging ensures safe access for boats and other water vessels.

      Slurry Hose

      Features of DAE Pumps Dredge Pumps

      • Capable of Pumping Wide Array of Materials
      • Large Selection of Pumps and Configurations
      • Pump Abrasive and Gritty Material with Ease
      • High Tolerance Between Impeller and Pump Casing, Allowing Larger Solids
      • Low Maintenance
      Slurry Hose

      Pump Accessories

      DAE Pumps provides a full spectrum of dredge pumps and accessories for completing all your tough dredging projects. We provide turnkey solutions with complete dredge pump systems that include slurry hoses, slurry flow meters, power units, and more. Choose from multiple sizes of slurry hoses for the transferring of materials, wireless flow meters for measuring the flow rate in gallons per minute of liquid, and power units for operation. Parts are always in stock and available for immediate shipping to anywhere in the US and the world.

      Custom Pump Curve

      Guarantee the right pump size and power for the job with a free DAE Pumps custom pump curve that graphically represents the pump’s flow rate of a specific head based on your exact requirements. Using a pump curve that is specific for your application will greatly help in selecting the pump best for you, ultimately saving you time and money.

      Pump curves are developed from data gathered during testing of the pump’s performance at the manufacturer’s facility and provide the end-user with a graph of how the pump will operate over a set range. To build the pump curve, our engineers compile several variables, including the type of material, fluid viscosity, distance to pump, target GPM, and job-specific factors. This ensures the most efficient pump is recommended for your project. Contact a DAE Pumps representative today! 

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